Pretty Smart Season 2: Check Out the Cast, Release Date, Trailer and More Updates!

The main character of the sitcom Pretty Smart is book-smart Chelsea, who learns a lot about happiness after moving in with her bouncy sister and three other housemates. Doug Mand and Jack Dolgen are the authors. Even after being a well-liked series and making it to the Netflix US top ten list, it was only able to remain on one region's top 10 list for 11 days (South Africa), indicating that the show wasn't immediately a huge moneymaker for Netflix. Here is all the information you require on Pretty Smart Season 2.

About Pretty Smart

In the show “Pretty Smart,” a young woman named Chelsea, an aspiring novelist with a Harvard education, moves in with her sister Claire in Los Angeles after her fiancé breaks up with her. By the end of the first season, Chelsea is dealing with yet another romantic issue. The first season of the show contained ten episodes, all of which were streamable on Netflix. The names of the episodes stand out since they are written in millennial slang. The titles use words like “check this“, “yikes”, “really though! “, and “guys!” to symbolise what Chelsea is battling.

Pretty Smart Season 2

Potential Release Date of Pretty Smart Season 2

When Season 1 of Pretty Smart was launched on the streaming service on October 8, 2021, it received generally mixed reviews from critics, casting doubt on the possibility of a Season 2. So, has the series been renewed by Netflix? Every fan of this situational comedy is thinking of this query.

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After just one season, Netflix has decided to discontinue Pretty Smart Season 2. The information was released shortly after that Young Sheldon on CBS has promoted Emily Osment to series regular.

Cast: Who Will Be in Pretty Smart Season 2?

It was anticipated that the main characters would return for the second season, which has already, sadly, been cancelled. The cast may include the following:

  • Emily Osment as Chelsea
  • Cinthya Carmona as Solana
  • Olivia Macklin as Claire
  • Micheal Hsu Rosen as Jayden
  • Gregg Sulkin as Grant
  • Imani Love as Tiffany
  • Alexandra Scott as Jane
  • Robert Belushi as Johnson
  • Santana Dempsey as Nabila
  • David Gridley as Topher
  • Kyle Jones as Aaron

Pretty Smart Season 2

The Plot: What Might the Storyline of “Pretty Smart” Season 2 Be?

We may have anticipated that the show would resume up where season one left off if it had been renewed for another season. Season 2's focus on the ongoing love triangle involving Claire, Grant, and Chelsea was something we were anticipating. After Claire breaks up with Dave and kisses her ex, Grant, a heated love triangle is already brewing. Currently, Grant is seeing Claire's sister Chelsea. Even though Chelsea did not see them kissing, things became uncomfortable when she tried to tell Claire about her developing relationship with Grant.

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Trailer of Pretty Smart Season 2

As far as we know, Pretty Smart Season 2 has received an official announcement of its cancellation. So, There isn't a trailer. The Trailer of Pretty Smart Season 1 is available here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Pretty Smart get a second season?

We received very little information for months about Pretty Smart's future on Netflix. The likelihood that it would be cancelled increased the longer there was no word of a renewal. By April 27th, 2022, numerous news organisations have claimed that Netflix has cancelled the programme after just one season.

What is Claire's age in Pretty Smart.

Olivia Macklin, a stunning actress who plays Chelsea's sister Claire on Pretty Smart, is supposedly 27 years old. Although Claire appears to be a bit airheaded and ditzy on the show, she actually has strong sentiments for the people who are closest to her.

In Pretty Smart, who plays Claire's boyfriend?

That individual is Kevin Miles, who can be seen in three “Pretty Smart” episodes. In Episode 6, Claire meets Dave, a lovely prospective boyfriend, at a pottery lesson.

Was Jake from State Farm on Pretty Smart?

Yes, Jake from State Farm appeared in the newest Netflix show; your eyes did not deceive you! However, he is not a representative of one of the top insurance companies in the nation this time. Simply put, he is playing a recurring part in a Netflix comedy series.

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