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There was a time when people used to download the song and listen to them and which was quite hectic if we thought today. The long hour wasted to find our songs and make a library. Now, people go to streaming platforms like Spotify and Google music because they provide all the music at a place.

The streaming apps have gotten a lot of popularity over the last few years. Surely, people do love free music that’s why we are here. If you want to try another music app then we have something for you. An application which is loved since 2017 when we used to hear local music and were greatly popular at that time, Poweramp Music Player.

Now, We’ll read about Poweramp Music Player and let’s enjoy the musical journey of this application.

Poweramp Music Player

A music application for Android user, Poweramp Music Player is one of the old application. And you will be happy to hear that we have just crossed its 10 year anniversary. The app was released back on 1 November 2010.

Since that time, this application is gaining positive reviews from the user. With over 50 Million plus Download in Play Store, this app is something which most of the new Android user aren’t familiar with.

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Power Amp

Poweramp Music Player – Design and looks

The application looks pretty decent. If you are someone who loves the design-focused application, this application will work for you because it consists of the theme engine inside the app. It provides dome of the best skin in free too. So, if you are downloading this application DON’T FORGET FREE SKIN 😉.

The updated version has some of the features which you’ll love eventually. Although you are not going to have any sliding navigation options at all but the colour theme and icons are definitely worth checking.

Moreover, you can search on your Goggle Play Store the free themes which also looks great. Also here is a spice that Poweramp 3 is currently under alpha-testing, and you want to check it down you can by following these steps –

  • Go to the Poweramp Music player
  • Go to Settings
  • Download the latest version from there.

The latest version has more features like allowing third-party apps, reworked audio engine and many more.

To know more about Poweramp 3.0, watch this video.

Poweramp Music Player – Features

So, let’s see what this actually offers you as a user. Firstly no matter what the sound quality or file type is, this application is able to run any type of sound from .mp3 to .m4a files. The other key features are as follows

  • Google Assistant Support
  • High level of customization via settings.
  • Artist Image Downloading option enable.
  • You can download the missing album part.
  • Lock screen option.
  • You’ll get Chromecast support.
  • The song will come along with lyrics.

You can play songs from anywhere, from your own library and even from the folder.

Moreover, while playing your favourite song you can change the bass, treble of your sound. Not only this but the application provides really cool tool which makes our sound better.

I used the latest song of Ariana Grande ‘position’ with changing the bass, and it sounds really GREAT.

Power Amp

You’ll also find virtual Volume knob to balance your volume.

What is there is a new update?

The music app released its update on 9 August 2020. The new update of Poweramp majorly focuses on the new User-interface, Audio engine and navigation. Let’s see in detail about these three-

The new Audio Engine will support the hi-res output and also provide gapless smoothing. The internal processing raise from 64bit. Now, you can increase the volume level to 30/50/100. Moreover, the application allows you new configurable per-output options.

Talking about the new User-interface with will support the .milk presets and spectrum. It further includes the Dark and light skins which come along with Static Seekbar options and PRO buttons. The previous old panel will completely change. You’ll see, new menus, dialogues, popups, etc. Something which does not change in this version is the availability of 3rd party skins which is good news for people like us 😉

Coming to the last one, Navigation bar, which doesn’t change much. As like the previous version you have to click album art or slide down to directly go to the current playing song. From the list, You can swipe left/right for fast return.

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Review of Poweramp Music Player

Power Amp

I know you wouldn’t believe it, but this million have over 1 million-plus review. You know, if any app has this much Download. That is a great thing. And the point to note here is most of them positive. The app have 4.4 reviews, let’s take a look on them.

Sibusiso MMathons

“Best Android music player out there. I have used so many alternatives but I just kept on coming back to this player until I purchased the full version. All I can say is that it’s very impressive bass, cristal clear sound, easy to use interface to mention a few got me hooked to this player and as a music fanatic, I don’t see any other player winning my heart ❤️ “

Kevin Fairbrother

Thank you for helping me with the app. The simple seek bar with pro buttons is much better. Without this option, I found it very frustrating to use. I’m not a fan of contextual menus, hence 4 rather than 5 stars. Otherwise a fantastic app with great sound “

Bhaskar J B.

“Hey dear Poweramp developer, this is really powerful app available out there for android…. There’s almost no competitive app for this powerful app. I can control everything else and change effectively. Just want one help which may be an update or settings… I found the vocal significantly low compared to the music and the drop of the song… which results in me to volume down when the drop comes. “


We are living in the world, we’re apps like Spotify and Google music are normally considered as apps for listening to music. But some local music is still not available in this huge platform. That’s where the need for Poweramp Music player comes into our life. Being this app on your side, you can listen to music freely. Play your song and enjoy it.

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