Power Season 7: Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2022!

Updated On 2 February 2022

“I reviewed the surveillance tapes from Truth. Nowhere on there does it show James St. Patrick hide the gun. Look, if James had placed the gun behind the bar, the tapes would show him going to the bar area, but he never does, not once. I think he may be innocent.” Do you remember this dialogue from the popular series Power? If you are unable to recognize it then you’re not a true Power fan. Have you seen the 6th season of powerful which was scheduled to release on 5 January, 2021? I have too. Have you liked it? Don’t forget to tell me in the comment section about your feelings while watching the season 6.

So, there are many rumors going around that this id the last season. while other says that there will be another season i.e., season 7. I am sure you must have heard about these rumors. In today’s article we’ll going to research on this topic and find out what is true. If you’re interested to know then read the article.

Power – What Do You Need to Know?

Power is a famous Crime drama show which was first set to release on 7 June, 2014. This is true that the show is quite famous for its storyline but we can’t ignore the fact that it is also because of the rapper 50 cent. This guy helped to market this show like no one else, I mean the ads are everywhere. The creator of the show, Courtney A kemp with the collaboration with 50 cent, make this series for people.

power tv series

Moreover, the show has released 6 seasons till now, with its 6th season released back in this month, January, 2021. With a total of 63 episodes in 6 seasons, this show is watched by people on a repeated basis. The show has gained positive feedback from the people and we can understand this by its popularity till the season6.

However, we can’t deny the fact that there are people who criticized this show for bring the bad acting from the actors. There was also a criticism of regular sex scenes with people noticing that this show is more like a D-grade movie than anything else. Also, we don’t recommend kids to watch this series. With the season 6 ending, will there be another season?

Power Season 7 – Is It Going to Happen?

50 cents, the popular rapper has announced that the show will be aired in January 5, 2021 and it did. The show has recently ended in a good note and there are rumors that the 6th season was the finale. If this news makes you sad then we are sorry to tell you that is it TRUE. The season 6 was the last episode and we are not going to get more of Power.

If there will be any news regarding the show, we’ll update you. Keep checking our website, Keeperfacts for that.

Power Season 7 – What Will Be the Storyline?

The power series revolves around the character James, who is a drug dealer but at the same time intelligent too. He has a two mind, one which wants him to follow his as usual work as a drug dealing and other wanting to open a simple night club and earn his money there. In the story, he confuses between these two and end up working as both. While on the other hand, he is also trying to scape from the police too.

Additionally, James is a married man and you’ll see her wife Tasha along with their son Tariq. James have a bestfriend too, who always helps him in his ups and downs. James go with the nickname “Ghost” and you’ll see in the most of episode the other character as Ghost. If you’re someone who love the criminal and action-drama kind of series then I think this will rightly fits for you. Watch it and enjoy it.

Power Season 7 – Where Is the Official Trailer?

Power tv series is known to launch their trailer beforehand and if you’re wondering about the trailer of season 7 then sorry it is not there. The season 6 was the finale and last season, which they clearly stated from its official trailer.

If you are still unaware of the season 6 trailer then check out by clicking the video.

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

If you’ve are new to this series and wanna know its rating then let me tell you, they are pretty good!

The IMDb rating of this show is 8.1/10, which is consider good according to me. The show has received around 81% of rotten tomatoes. Talking about the audience rating summary of this show is 4.6.

Not only this, the TV.com have rated 8.6/10 to this show. While going through the google, I found out that the show is liked by 91% of google users. If you’re still thinking whether to watch it or not then read the reviews of the people in the next section

What Are the Reviews of This Show?

The series many loved by the fan but there are still people who don’t like it. Reading the review might help you to know the series better.

First, I would like to express that I love love love “Power”! This show really is everything! I am just really anxious for things to get back on track and back to business as usual! I will say this I liked the last season, it just seemed that after Tommy’s view of the day leading to Ghost’s death was so very good and gave me awesome closure knowing that Tommy and Ghost’s relationship was straight at the end of the day! After this it just felt like the writing was kind of all over the place, and just so unrealistic and indigestible that Sax and Blanca should be sweating from having the Feds on their trail or on a slab somewhere. Also, I’m sorry but Ghost I believe he is still alive! Thank you so very much for this Awesome entertainment! 💓🌈☺️

Pretty average- season 1 is decent but eventually it’s becomes an endless cycle of the following:

Drug dealer kills another drug dealer. Another drug dealer enters out of nowhere and then rinse and repeat. If you like gangster/drug based tv show this is for you. This has some of the worst acting Ive ever seen. Season 5 and 6 so far is so bad I stopped watching. All the dialogue is just a bunch of angry yelling, the actors are trying to force this “hard-ass” personality and none of it is convincing.

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