Popular Fun Things For Couples To Do At Home


The covid-19 is coming with the second wave. The best thing you can do to be healthy and not infected by this deadly virus is to stay at home. The pandemic is getting out of hand and even if there are many people getting infected, you don’t have to forget that being positive and with good thought can make you a lot better. As you are all aware of the current situation, are you bored at home? The last year was all spent at home and when we all thought that it is the end and everything is getting back to normal, Corona happens again. But you know what? It is the best time for the couples to enjoy their private time together *wink*

As the couples can’t really go out and the newly married couple are unable to visit the beautiful places for their honeymoon that’s why we are here with the fun ideas for couples to do at home. Make your day special for your loved one by reading and implementing these ideas in your life. 


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Morning with a Coffee

Morning with a coffee


Start your day by making coffee for your partner. Good coffee makes the whole day better than ever. Start preparing the coffee according to the likes of your partner and if you want to make it more romantic then take some flowers and decorate your tray with them. 

It is not necessary for the girl or the boy to specially make it, there is no tradition or gender special in it. I suggest whoever wakes up early makes the coffee for others. If as a boyfriend or husband you are thinking that your partner is already tired from all the workload at the office then she gets tired of working at home. Then I’ll recommend you to make her morning beautiful by doing this small romantic gesture or vice versa. 

Cook together

Cook together

Quartinine is all about staying home with loved ones and trying to be the next Masterchef, lol. Cooking food might look difficult for the husband but as soon as you enter the kitchen her face will make you do things. If you are not good at cooking at least ask her for some help and try to be romantic. Girls always love these small romantic moments and trust me she will remember this forever. 

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Play some games

play some game

This might sound a little childish to any but this is another fun and romantic date idea for you. Play some games like monopoly and ludo to entertain your day. Keep playing games with your significant one and enjoy your cute day. 

Yoga date

Yoga date

Yoga is the most healthy habit and the perfect way to make your body and mind healthy. There are many problems with humans these days. From Obesity to diseases to lack of concentration. If you want to make a significant change in your life and want to live a perfectly healthy life ahead then I’ll recommend you to do yoga.

Performing yoga in front of someone increases the Dopamine hormone and you tend to last long as usual. Yoga dates are best to spend some quality time with your lover and also making sure that they are healthy. Start your yoga date today and thank me later. 

Paint together

Paint together

Now being at home and don’t have anything to do might make you sick. Paint with your partner and make your love everlasting. What to paint? You can buy some color books or even draw by yourself to have a fun time with them. Painting is another good habit that will lower your stress level and add the days of your good memories. 

If you are finding trouble getting a nice painting or colored book then you can order it from Amazon or any other sites according to your preference. It is more relevant to stay at home and order than to go out and buy one. 

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Coffee date in beautiful weather

Coffee date

The monsoon is already ready to arrive and there are certain days when the weather gets really nice, windy. What you can do is to make a really good hot coffee and some snacks, sit on the balcony or terrace and talk to each other.

If your partner is constantly busy with his job and you are also busy with your work then I’ll recommend you to do this. This will reduce the level of stress and will help them to keep their mind fresh. 

Room Makeover

room makeover

The aesthetic room you are looking at daily in your Pinterest, wanna make it real? Being a girl, you always wanted to try something different in your room, right? Sams sis same. 

This lockdown is your sign to change your room to something more beautiful. If you are dying with all these Pinterest photos and Youtube videos about room makeovers then do it. 

Ask your partner to help you out in this process and both of you start acting like an interior designer. Exchange your ideas like how you both want a room or living room to be and then do it all by yourself. The process will be a little rough but believe me, it will really turn out amazing. 

Plant together

Plant together couples

Living in a city might become hard when you are not welcomed with much greenery. No matter how much you decide to plant, it is always less. Buy some pots and start growing some trees around your house. You can also use plants as a new home decor item and put some in your living room and some on your balcony. The process of growing the plant together is always nice and you both will feel more loved.

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Start the skincare routine

Skincare routine

After being open to skincare all I found is good results. Korean beauty is getting over the world and not only women but men are also loving it. Taking care of our skin and hydrating it is never a bad decision. I don’t know who the hack says that it will break a MAN CODE or make men more women, but trust me it is worth it. We should always take care of our body and the face plays an important role in it. A healthy face will enhance your confidence and make you smarter. 

Order some products and start the 10-care skin routine or the normal skincare routine. I might sound like a beauty guru here but I want to share the basic knowledge with you. 

If you are someone who doesn’t know much about this then the basic tip is – 

  • Find your skin type 
  • Buy skincare according to your skin type
  • Scrub and use a face mask once a week 
  • Home remedies for skincare are more natural and give better results without adding chemicals. 

Other than that, you have youTube to bless you with the vast knowledge of skincare.

Massage day

Massage day

A good massage is a blessing to the body and the joints. Working from home involves the back pain and joint pain of many people including me. All we want is to have a good massage. If you feel that your partner is also feeling low and have body aches then give them a perfect massage. Decorate the place with the perfect spa-type look with candles, roses and massage your partner. 

This will help your partner become more healthy and he/she will love your efforts and it will definitely make them remember every time. 

Pizza Over anything else

pizza date for couples

Love eating pizza? Why don’t you make one? Well, this lockdown try making pizza with your love. Pizzas are not that tough and just a little work and tadaa it is ready. 

Watch youtube for getting references and make one. You can find the ingredients from the local store and if not, you can also order the items. But don’t order the pizza, okay? 

This is a pizza date where you both can make pizza for each other. 

Final words

Spending time at home might look difficult to many but if you have your loved one beside you then what more do you want? You and your other significant one gets busy in work but the pandemic will help you to grow more together as a couple. Spend some quality of time and do the above activities to make your day memorable. If you have any questions regarding your marriage, relationship and other issues then comment down to me. I will love to help you 🙂

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