Top 5 Popular Digital Banking Trends 2022 You Can’t Miss

The digital banking field can now compete with its predecessors, i.e., a regular banking sector. A few years ago, people were wary about using online apps and websites to manage their money. Therefore, a bank consultant was the primary figure in the whole banking sector to help clients solve their issues in person.

However, the reality has changed, introducing new solutions in the sector and making the banking community more responsive, digital-oriented, and helpful for modern-day clients. So let’s check how the latest trends made it clear for the banking industry to transition from a regular mode to an online one.

Personal Control Over Customer’s Money

Thankfully, payday loans are now more accessible than ever. For instance,, a popular lending platform, houses numerous lenders who will approve your loan without hesitation.

It’s a great example of how clients these days can take control of their money. There are no more assistants who dictate the rules. It’s easy to borrow money, find lenders, invest or withdraw your funds online. And it’s not rocket science. Even a novice can find a way to solve the issue using efficient digital banking tools.

BaaS Growth

Banking-as-a-Service is a popular feature among the clients of different resources. The feature’s potential is apparent since it has been used by various services not related to the bank. It’s an end-to-end procedure that poses no risks for the users and ensures multiple benefits instead.

Digital-Only Bank Institutions

If you’re a regular bank client and mind your investments, you should have noticed how the industry shifted to digital-only bank institutions. These banks have no physical offices, and the banking activity is carried out on the Internet. If in recent years you could have hardly trusted your money to such a bank, today it’s a regular practice.

  • It is a go-to for busy clients who don’t have time to queue in a regular bank to solve their issues. A digital bank assistant answers your questions faster.
  • It’s convenient to manage your finances by having everything a click away. There’s no need to create a card if you don’t want to. Everything is on your phone and always with you in the app.
  • A digital-only bank often takes care of the clients’ needs. It provides a better interface to win customers’ attention and trust, meaning you will likely have a positive user experience with its app.

It is still an emerging but already stable trend having its followers. And you might even be one of them.

Banking Self-Service vs. Humans

There’s a growing human vs. self-service competition. For example, if you are a regular bank client, you may notice a shift to non-human online helpers and robotics used to help customers. This trend stems from the need to cover more clients and offer prompt standardized help to everyone.

Does it mean that human bank assistants will lose their potential and job in the field? In reality, the spread of new technologies to assist the banking sector is huge and visible. But the role of humans in the industry is not to be underestimated. The trend has emerged recently, and it is meant to help the industry create new solutions for clients.

Enhanced Vision and Purpose-Building

The banking sector has been a conservative institution that offered money solutions to clients with various requests. However, the reality asked for certain shifts in banks’ values and work. Today, each institution has to have its unique vision and a long-run purpose of contributing to the common well-being.

It’s not enough to be a regular bank institution these days. A bank should be active in the community, be involved in volunteering, or introduce new projects with other companies. It’s a must to attract new clients and build trust with repeat customers.


Tendencies in the banking sector are clear these days, and they introduce a new era in the banking field both for institutions and clients. Different trends emerged as a response to the needs of modern-day society. Digitization, flexibility, ease, high-level responsiveness, and personalized approach make up the digital banking sector we know today.

The digital banking system is evolving to make services more efficient for clients. You may observe how new online solutions meet bank clients’ needs. For example, you can now take a payday loan online, use BaaS features or choose a digital-only bank to manage your tasks.