Popular Adventurous Date Ideas For Couples

Dating is the most romantic phase in the couple’s whole life. You meet a person, you either talk to them or instantly connect, then there is talking. You talk with them the whole night and that is where the attraction strat.

After talking, you both realize then you have to take the next step for this relationship. Then you both decide to date. Dating is one of the starting stairs of a healthy and perfect relationship where a partner comes to know about the likes and dislikes of an individual. You both start to spend time together and make memories. 

Now, there are many types of dating. From going out on a perfect date to chilling at the home while watching a movie. If you are someone who prefers to have dates at home then I have an article Date ideas at home for you. Read this article to have amazing date ideas with your partner just by staying at home. 

But there are some people who want to do something different, not like the others. If you are an adventure lover and want to have some adventure date ideas with the love of your life then don’t worry. In this article, I’ll be going to discuss some ideas to help you out. Are you excited? 

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Night Gazing with Your Partner

Night gazing with your partner

Starting the list with my personal favorite one. Watching the night sky is the most satisfying and peaceful thing one can do. Since Childhood, I have loved to watch the twinkling stars. For me, they are the prettiest thing. Watching the night sky is something no one can resist. If you are someone who also shares the same interest just like me then you should probably head to somewhere beautiful at night. 

As a city person, you can never really enjoy the beauty of nights. The crowds, Bright lights of the city and building and the traffic is not the best thing for this date. Pack your blanket and wear a warm hood and ask your partner to do the same. Buy some food and go to the silent area at night. Far away from the city, somewhere there is peace. 

Additionally, play some music and hold your partner’s hand to talk endlessly. This escaping at night to somewhere far away is the most romantic thing you can do for your partner. 

Go to hiking

Go to hiking

Hiking is one of the popular adventurous sports and people are loving it more day by day. If you are a traveler and want to explore more then you should probably head hiking. Choose a perfect location and start hiking with your partner. 

The feeling of reaching the destination after hard work is amazing. Not only this but hiking is proven to be effective for our health and mind. So, if you are planning to adventure date then take this one in your consideration. 

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While hiking you can also choose to camp at the final destination. There are many popular places in the world and your surroundings to camp. Allow your partner to go to the beautiful camp and have a perfect date night. You can even take your car for this. 

For camping, you have to take a tent, water, food and utensils for sure. Other than that the essentials like wood, lighter, and oil are also something you should take care of. If you are finding camping difficult then there are many resorts that allow camping for couples and also provide all the essentials. If you want, you can choose it too. 

Long Ride

Long ride

Take your car or bike and go on a long ride with your partner. Long drives are always proven to be romantic date ideas and if you love watching movies then you would probably know a romantic movie without a long drive is not fun. You can make some romantic moments with your love on the ride. Drive along the silent road outside the noise of the city and go somewhere in the peace. 

While on the trip you can also stop at the stalls to drink some coffee and snacks. Visit the amazing restaurant to fill your tummy because you need food. Spend some time at the beautiful location and drive along with home at night. You can also choose to spend the night at the hotel along the side of some amazing location.

Dance In the Rain

Dance in the rain

The craziest thing you can do is a dance in the rain. The monsoon is already set to arrive and if your girlfriend or as a girlfriend you have a desire to dance with your boyfriend in the rain then DO IT, SIS. 

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Bungee Jumping

Have you ever tried bungee jumping? It looks scary but it is actually fun. 2 years back, I went to the famous bungee jumping spot in my location with my friends. While I was scared with the height a little bit but when I saw how much people were having fun, I decided to do it.

If adventure is something you love and always crave then take your partner to the bungee jumping spot at your near location. 

Don’t worry, they are really safe and you will feel like flying while doing it. If you are scared or your partner is scared of height or this sport then I’ll suggest you please don’t force them, because forcing someone wouldn’t do any justice then instead of enjoying they will scare during the whole process. But if you have done it before or want to give it a try then go for it. 

Travel together

Traveling is always a mood booster and if you felt alone and sick last year then you should definitely go out traveling this year. In the year 2020, people have many plans to travel to some different areas but the whole year went on lockdown. 

As the second wave of the corona is hitting the world lately but not to every place, people are also scared to step outside. But if you belong to the country where the covid is not that much spreading then take your partner to travel somewhere nice. 

Visit the unexplored side of this world or more you can just go somewhere near your location. Like the waterfall or the seaside. Try to visit the places where there are less fewer people

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Swimming at the waterfall

It is very normal to have a date at the beaches but have you ever seen the waterfall. The mountain areas are mostly filled with beautiful waterfalls. If you are lucky enough then you would be able to find one for yourself. Take your partner to the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful location. 

Cycling will never go out of fashion

Is your old bicycle in the garage for a long time? Do you remember the last time you had used them? Well, I know it would probably not this year. Take your bike and don’t forget to clean it. Ask your partner about this amazing date idea. 

The old silent roads are always best for cycling and if you have someone with you then it is no less than heaven. 

Horror Movies all night

Watching horror movies is an achievement in itself. Watching a scary movie with your partner is always an adventure for many people. Do you remember the last time you had watched a good horror movie with your lover?

Well if you don’t then this is your sign to watch it now. Grab a blanket, a bucket full of cheese popcorn, and a cold drink to make it a more cinema-like be. She might hold you whenever she is scared and it is the sweetest thing you can have. Thank me later.

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Get drunk and dance

Have you ever got this much drunk where you don’t know what’s even happening around you? Well, the drunken memories are always great to remember after you get sober. Go to the unusual and unexpected bar and drink and dance there. Couples dance with your partner or even more dance like an animal because nobody knows you there. 

If you are scared to do this in the club then you can even try this at home. Well, as drinking is dangerous then I’ll recommend you to drink only if you can take it. Also, drinking is legalized only for adults. Teenage couples should skip this one. 

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River Rafting

river rafting for couples

Another adventurous sport and a perfect date to do is River Rafting. I have tried this before and trust me it is one of the best adventurous sports. 

Moreover, you can take your friends and their partner to have more fun.  

Final words

Adventurous dates are the latest in trend and I have also seen many tik toks and reels out of it. If you are also wanting to get to the adventure date then these lists will probably help you. Comment down us your favorite one out of these and which one you had already tried out. 

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