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Popular 8 Ball Pool Game Hacks to Win This Game Easily

Updated on: 29/01/2022

8 ball pool Game – the world’s biggest pool game that you could play with your friends or with other players available online.  

You know what, I love playing multiplayer games. It is a mobile-based billiard-themed pool simulation sports games and especially, when it comes from Miniclip

So, before you play or before you watch my favorite 8 Ball pool gameplay, here is some key information to read out:

  • The genre of 8 Ball pool is an online and mobile based game.
  • The operator of the 8 ball pool is Miniclip.
  • It was released on July 5,2015.
  • It is available on both Android as well as ios
  • It got 6.8/10 from imdb rating .

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What is the highest rank in an 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool Hacks

Rank Levels
Grand Master 78 – 90
Ace 91 – 104
Superstar 105 – 119
King 120 – 136


Can you hack 8 ball pool iOS?

No. The game 8 ball pool is secured in the iOS version as the hackers cannot overrule the Apple Security Policies. Therefore, the game in the ios version cannot be hacked at all.

8 Ball Pool Gameplay

8 Ball Pool Hacks

8 ball pool is a game of pool played virtually on a laptop or mobile android app. This game works on laptops which have the latest version of flash in their browsers. This game is available on Miniclip. The creators of the game tried to make the game very realistic, even virtually. 

The place where you play is called the game room. 

To enter the game room, the player needs pool coins

Initially, when you download the game and begin playing, a few pool coins are provided to  you. 

If one wins the game gets pool coins which are also used to buy cues, sticks and other stuff to play.

There are different game rooms and each room has different rules to play. It also includes a few minigames for players (like you and me) to play. 

You can also play with your friends by sending them room codes or play with random players by entering the online game room, or even enter the championship game room and make their way up to the winning position. You can even play the game in offline mode. 

All these games have different entry pool coins to give, even in offline mode. 

In offline mode, there are two modes:

  • one is to play with the computer and 
  • other is a time-based game where they have to make a number of goals in a particular duration or the player loses. 

In between games, there is a chat option too for the player to chat and discuss or appreciate one another. 

If your pool coins or pool cash are finished then you have to buy the coins for real money or you need to watch out a few ads for getting more coins. 

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8 Ball Pool Hack Online

8 Ball Pool Hacks

There are many hacks available online for the players. Among them, 8 Ball Pool Generator is mostly used. Generator is an online feature available for players to get unlimited pool coins or unlimited pool cash.

The website looks something like this-

This is what the website tells you to give the information for the hacking process.

  1. They will ask for your username one uses in the game or the facebook id linked to the game, the platform where the game is played and if the user wants anti detection (game creators will not know if they have hacked the game)
  2. Then press connect.
  3. Once that process finishes and they get connected to the server, they will ask how many hacked/free coins, cash and extra free cue they want to get by the hack. 
  4. They give a few options for the cash and coins like 10,000; 20,000 to 1 lac. 
  5. After choosing everything, click generate
  6. Then, they will process it and ask for a human test. 
  7. Once passed, the free coins and cash are updated in the game! 

Warning: These types of generators are not the legit ones and not necessarily fulfill their promises so do your due diligence before trying any 8 Ball Pool Generators. 

8 Ball Pool game developers and legal team are continuously working to remove these types of generators because at the end, they lose money on it. How? 

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8 Ball Pool Hack Coins and Cash Online

If you need pool coins or cash, you can simply purchase it with their “In-App Purchases” feature and that’s how they mint money. 

Pool coins
12,500 pool coins £1.49
32,500 pool coins £3.99
140,000 pool coins £7.99
320,000 pool coins £14.99
1,000,000 pool coins £39.99
2,500,000 pool coins  £79.99


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Pool cash
10 pool cash £1.49
25 pool cash £3.99
55 pool cash £7.99
125 pool cash £14.99
400 pool cash £39.99
1,000 pool cash £79.99

The Conclusion

If you have any questions, if you have anything to share (like any hack that’s working for you), feel free to share in our comment section. 

I hope you got the answer to all queries and in case I’ve missed something, let us know that too. 

We are looking forward to knowing more from you…

Now it’s time to end… Stay tuned To Keeperfacts more future updates