Will ‘Poker Face’ Be Renewed for Season 2 at Peacock?

Poker Face, the mystery television series by Rian Johnson starring Natasha Lyonne, was never supposed to be a limited run. Johnson actually said, “There are countless tales to be told. There are countless possibilities when people watch more and more episodes and realise how unique each one is.”

He tells Town & Country that his ideal scenario for upcoming seasons is “the same more. Natasha and I would ideally do this as we grew older. My main objective is to simply keep doing it.”

Poker Face will return for a second season, according to NBC Universal, which owns Peacock, which was announced in February 2023. According to Susan Rovner, chairperson of entertainment content at NBC Universal TV and streaming, “Poker Face is one of those rare, irrefutable series that we all fell in love with from the start, but the critical acclaim and viewer response has been beyond our wildest aspirations.”

It has been an incredible experience to work with Rian Johnson, Natasha Lyonne, and Ram Bergman as well as our colleagues at MRC and T-Street. We can’t wait to travel for another season as we continue to gain momentum across Peacock’s original slate.

Johnson revealed the source of inspiration for the television series Poker Face could be Murder, She Wrote, which ran for 12 seasons and starred Angela Lansbury as mystery author Jessica Fletcher. Johnson remarked, “Natasha Jessica Fletcher-ing it is something I can picture. And I’d be overjoyed. We’ll see, though. I’ve discovered: take things slowly. Let’s broadcast this and see if anyone watches it at first. Yet it’s clear that this was created with an engine to continue moving.”

Lyonne also aspires to produce additional episodes of Poker Face. She made a joke about wanting the programme to run for 76 seasons during a session for the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. She revealed to Town & Country that her ideal scenario for season two would be to keep collaborating with her co-star Benjamin Bratt. Bratt’s fantasy? That I’m in it, he exclaimed to T&C.

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In these tales, Lyonne’s Charlie is “her own force of nature,” according to co-showrunner Lilla Zuckerman, who spoke to Town & Country. “You probably already know that Charlie will eventually catch her boyfriend and solve this crime. Yet it always surprises me how she does it. While the audience might believe they know where we’re headed, but they do not, we wanted to defy their assumptions. That, in my opinion, is what makes the show enjoyable: all of the unexpected turns and defiance of predictions.”

As soon as we find out more about Poker Face season 2, we’ll update this.