PM Modi Conference about Lock down in today’s Video Conference

PM Modi Conference With All The Leader About Further Actions In India: Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi discussed several issues in the meeting with all the chief ministers through the video conferencing. PM Modi Ji wears a Cloth Mask in the conference, and there is a point that the Mask was made upon by the cotton cloth, he created that with the handkerchief. So, people who don’t have Mask they can use a clean cloth to cover the mouth and nose. And Modi advised in the call that everyone should use the Mask when they leave home. 

The number of carona patients is increasing in our country day by day, Modi conducted a critical meeting with all the chief ministers by conducting the video conference call with all the ruling leader in India. PM Modi said that more than 7000 people are infected with this virus in India. When he was in the conference call, he discussed the carona cases, and how we can decrease the number of cases. 

In the meeting, he discussed the extension of the Lockdown in all the places, whether they would continue the Lockdown or remove it, or he gives a chance to the CM about the Lockdown. And all the chief ministers and PM discussed several important issues. 

In this conference, Maharashtra state ruling leader Uddhav Thackeray has expressed his view on Lockdown, and the CM wants to increase the Lockdown till April 30th because he predicts that, in the Maharashtra, cases going to peak at the end of this month. So still he wants to extend.

And Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal said that there is no chance to remove Lockdown in all the states, and he raised that he wants to continue it more.

Views Of All The CM’S In The Conference

    1.  many states are demanded to increase the Lockdown
    2. CM Uddhav Thackeray also demanded the increase not only for Delhi Mumbai and Maharashtra, and Lockdown should be continued for all the states.
    3.  So Modi told that all the chief ministers could give their advice within 24 hours.
    4. And all the Chief Ministers requested about the medical equipment by the central government and states demanded financial help.
    5. So we can expect that Lockdown continues fore more days with the slight relaxation
    6. west Bengal chief Mamatha Benarjee Advise that provide medical kits and increase Lockdown in the states. And she said all the people and the leaders should follow this ” We will fight shoulder to shoulder in unison,” PM Modi also spoke at the time.