Platinum Birthdays on TikTok: What They Are and How to Make Your Celebration Unforgettable?

The TikTok trends are quite diverse and frequently change as quickly as the weather. Anyone who isn’t really connected to TikTok is likely to be perplexed about what exactly a platinum birthday is because individuals on the internet have just started talking about their platinum birthdays.

Fortunately, we have all the information you could possibly need regarding how to discover your own platinum birthday.

What Does Platinum Birthdays on TikTok Mean?

Apparently, the year you reach the final two digits of your birth year is your platinum birthday. So if you were born in 2011, for instance, your 11th birthday would be in 2022, the year of your platinum birthday. That year has probably already passed for anyone born after 2000, and there are many users on Twitter who appear to be angry about being the majority of millennium kids.

Platinum Birthdays on Tiktok

On the other side, young millennials and the oldest members of Gen Z have birthdays that fall in the 1990s. For instance, a person born in 1996 would celebrate their platinum birthday in 2092 when they are 96. It seems improbable that they will decide to post about it on TikTok right away if they survive that long.

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Do You Like to Celebrate Golden birthdays?

Don’t panic if, like many TikTok users, you missed your platinum birthday or discovered that you probably won’t celebrate it till you’re in your 90s. Another birthday trend has also become popular on TikTok at the same time.

Use the day of the month you were born rather than the year if you wish to commemorate your golden birthday. Hence, if you were born on June 26, the year you turned 26 would be your golden birthday.

Of course, if you were born early in the month, your golden birthday was most likely completely overlooked. Luckily, it doesn’t appear that these birthdays have any significance in reality. They’re simply one more way that TikTok users may celebrate with one another and reflect on the significance of their birthdays for both themselves and people close to them.

Have You Heard About Silver Birthdays?

Yet, there’s still more! Regrettably, practically everyone who is reading this has probably already missed this opportunity. The year in which you reach the age of the month you were born is known as your silver birthday. So, 12 is the oldest age you can be for your silver birthday. In TikTok, there are undoubtedly 12-year-olds, but the vast majority of users are at least a few years older.

Platinum Birthdays on Tiktok

Don’t worry if you missed all of your memorable birthdays. There are many reasons to appreciate turning another year older that have nothing to do with the numbers on your birthdate because these days are always what we make of them. Even while you might not get to celebrate your platinum birthday every year, you can still make it particularly special.

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