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Pineapple Express 2: Why Pineapple Express Is Not Coming?

Looking for the sequel of Pineapple Express and wanted its part 2? It is bad news for all of the fans of this stoner comedy series that Pineapple Express will not get its sequel after hitting the screen and being so successful.

The Pineapple Express which is an American film by David Gordon Green and Seth Rogen was the writer of this movie is not getting Pineapple Express again.

What is the reason behind the Pineapple Express sequel loss and why Sony is not taking the series further after having good ideas about the series.

Pineapple Express: About

Pineapple Express 2

It is an action and comedy movie that revolves around a process server and his cannabis dealer and due police officer who is a corrupt person and a hitmen are imposed to fly after making them as a witness to commit a murder.

Judd Apatow, producer of the Knocked up also helped them in making the story.

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Why Is the Pineapple Express Sequel Not Coming?

The main reason behind Pineapple Express not coming again after such a hit and collecting good revenue is that Sony is not willing to pay such a high budget for the sequel and also other reasons are there along with higher budget of the film.

This is the main reason why Sony is not taking Pineapple Express 2 as the budget is much more than they are willing to pay to the Pineapple Express 2 film.

When its original movie came out in 2008 at Summers then the movie hit the box office and also followed Iran Man and The Dark Knights.

On Rotten Tomatoes the film scores 73% audience ratings and also gains cool reactions from the critics. With only $27 million it gross revenue of $101 millions worldwide and it is one of the best films of James Franco’s.

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Pineapple Express Storyline

Pineapple Express 2

The series follows the Dale Denton played by Seth Rogen and he was on run when he witnessed a murder with his friend or cannabis dealer Saul Silver played by James Franco to save themselves from the corrupt officer and the hitmen who are chasing them to kill both of the witnesses.

Reason Behind Why Pineapple Express Sequel Never Happened

In the Howard Stern Show, it was revealed by Rogen to the crew while sitting with Howard Stern that they were ready to open the sequel but due to the high budget Sony didn’t take the movie to show as they were not willing to pay a high amount for the sequel.

After receiving huge revenue from the first film, the second movie cost is higher than what they are willing to spend and he stated, “I think we probably wanted too much money… Studios, they don’t like giving away money. Weird thing.”

The other reason is that in 2014, at the time of the Sony hack, many emails were disclosed between producer Amy Pascal and the other executives.

In discussion between Apatow and the Sony $5 Million dispute, Judd Apatow wanted $50 million for the movie but Sony wanted to pay only $45 million which resulted in the sequel never coming back.

By reading all the above reasons we concluded that money is the main reason behind the film which never came till this time.

At that time Rogen was considered a successful comedy writer and the performer as the first film was successful and after receiving huge amounts it is shockable for all fans that Sony will not take the sequel due to the huge budget.

Are Seth Rogen and James Franco Still Close Friends?

Pineapple Express 2

No, they are not working together with each other and it was said by Seth that due to allegations of inappropriate behaviour he is no longer working with his friends.

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Where to Watch the Original Film Pineapple Express?

You can stream this Movie on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and on Vudu. Here you can also watch its original movie trailer which got 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDB.

Last Lines

Pineapple Express sequel will never happen due to the high budget in producing the sequel after receiving a gross amount which is higher and excellent than its little budget.

Due to the huge cost involved in the sequel Sony didn’t pick Pineapple Express 2.

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