Pig Hag: What a woman has to face in her life is shown by Jodie’s life? Know everything about this Pig Hag movie?

Pig Hag is a film in which the life of a woman, who is in her thirties is shown as many expectations are put on her due to gender. It is common in society that so many expectations are placed upon women and also they have to do according to their family’s decisions.

Sometimes they have to kill their dreams and live according to what society wants. This pig hag is also based on a woman’s life, Jodie ( Anna T. Schlegel) who is fat and somewhat ugly and faces many problems in her life due to gender.

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Hag simply means an ugly, old looking woman who is not beautiful.

What is a Hag? Star of Pig Hag Anna Explains

Directed by Colby Holt and Sam Probst it’s a shocking indie debut occupying the psychological space of Jodie who is harassed by many upon the texts. When she tells her sister about the date with a fellow named Dustin ( Tony Jaksha) then she laughs at her.

It’s not an easy task for Jodie to live a happy life who is harassed most of the time by text messages from the Mitch Internet.

The story starts with a lot of text messages of harassment from the Mitch Internet and it is too painful for a woman or any other person to come out from this.

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But still she is strong enough to deal with these evil trolls and happenings which occur in her life and wants to come out from this hell life.

Pig hag

This taunts and harassment has not ended yet but she is also facing it from her own family members. No one wants to change themselves but everyone expects others to behave in a good, friendly way.

In the film Jodie looks on social media to find a suitable and right man for herself as she is not younger and approaches the age of 40. So she doesn’t know whether she will be able to find the right guy for herself before her menstrual cycle stops.

She is also worried whether she will be able to have kids on time before her plumbing stops working. She sometimes thinks if men are garbage then will she be able to find her Soulmate.

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Yes, there are many men who are good and accept their life partners by choosing their soul and not their beauty but umm it is opposite the story of the Pig hag movie.

Pig Hag

One day she goes to Guns N Roses concert and there she met an Axel Fan Dustin (Tony Jaksha).She is very happy to meet Dustin and spent time with him and thinks he is the one whom she wants to finds but it gets wrong as he never wants to be in touch with Jodie again. She is emotionally break and then her best gay friends come to her and helped Jodie to calm down and wants Jodie to come out from this evil situation.

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As we all know that finding a love in your life is not an easy task and if the person is wrong then the whole life of the other partner is destroyed and there is also a pressure placed upon us from the family side so we always think that we don’t want any mistakes in choosing it.

Pig Hag

Where to Watch Pig Hag 2019 Movie

You can watch Pig Hag Jodie a fat girl movie on the given platforms-

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Last Lines

Pig Hag is a fascinating movie by design as it shows both ways. In one way it is a cruel, tough story of a woman who is facing all these for her basic needs and on the other side she is affected a lot and deeply broken when her love left her alone.

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