‘Perfect Match’: When and Where Was the Netflix Dating Show Shot?

The only thing more significant than the outcome of a show like Perfect Match and who ends up together is where and when it was taped. This not only helps us decide who may or may not still be together, but it also provides fans with a clearer picture of where some of these couples may have met.

Where was the film Perfect Match shot? The Netflix dating show brings together participants from previous streaming reality shows to determine if any of them are destined to be together. Or, at the very least, if they are compatible enough to kiss and eat spicy peppers without throwing up in a series of trials. You know, typical reality television fare.

Some couples find it easier than others to fall in love on Perfect Match. And it doesn’t help that new people arrive nearly every day to disrupt the status quo. But none of them can expect this to be a walk in the park.

'Perfect Match': When and Where Was the Netflix Dating Show Shot?

Where Was the Movie ‘Perfect Match’ Shot?

There are numerous outside shots of a contemporary estate with an enormous front door and a vast backyard with a pool and an outdoor bar. There is also a nearby beach where new contestants can wash off. Okay, that last statement is not quite accurate, but newcomers do appear on the beach whenever they arrive.

And after some research, we discovered where Perfect Match was filmed and how much it would cost for you to stay there if you were so inclined. The house is located in Panama City and is immediately bookable. However, you must be willing to invest substantial funds. The rates begin at $7,300 per night.

This obviously includes the use of six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a fitness center, and an outside infinity pool. However, it is still somewhat expensive. Fortunately for the stars of Perfect Match, Netflix pays for the excellent property. Contestants should just be willing to fall in love in exchange for a free vacation.

When Was “Perfect Match” Filmed for Netflix?

In March 2022, the PinkRose account on Vevmo posted a cast list and a few details about Perfect Match, indicating that the show was likely filmed in early 2022. It makes logical, given that Netflix did not announce the new series officially until early 2023.

'Perfect Match': When and Where Was the Netflix Dating Show Shot?

Particularly viewers at the time were most interested in who would be in the cast of Perfect Match and where they are now. Since then, not everyone has disclosed their unique relationship statuses on social media. Given the length of time since filming, however, it may be difficult for some of them to maintain complete silence.