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Last updated on 29 January,2022

There are already tons of movies and shows based on famous books and novels. Just like the J.K Rowling famous book series – The Harry Potter has already been adapted into movies that are one of a kind. So, this isn’t much surprising as the bestseller novel series, Percy Jackson, is getting a series. 


In 2022, on 1st January Harry Potter Return To Hogwarts, 20th Anniversary is launching. Yes, it is hard to believe. But HBO brings together the cast and characters from the film to commemorate the historic event and successful series of the film in 2022.

However, The book, which is written by Rick Riordan, has already been turned into a movie in 2010 and 2013. The two movies received much criticism from the fans of the book for not showing everything properly. 

Now there is enough news to make the people believe that Disney+ is taking an interest in Rick's novel, Percy Jackson, to make a series for it. 


Name Percy Jackson
Genre Fantasy,Fiction
Author Percy Jackson
Type Novel series
Streaming sites Hulu

As the author is already active on his blog account to make anything or any statement. Rick has been teasing it on the fans with the details that are much and less make the audience believe about the adaptation. There is already much confusion about whether the series is getting back for remaking or not. In this article, we’ll be taking you to every update that the writer and Disney have made lately. 

Is Percy Jackson is coming on Disney+?

Percy Jackson Disney plus

Earlier, the author has officially confirmed that the work is going on and the series might get on disney+. At that time, he was only hinting and said that the company is working on the books and after their meeting and things will get confirmed, then it will finalize. 

But in the recent updates, Disney+ has confirmed that they will highly anticipate working with Rick And his amazing novels. Even the author has released a tweet that says that the book is going to be adapted by Disney plus. 

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Who is going to be cast in the show?

Percy Jackson in Disney

The first movie of  Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief or Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea of Monster has already a cast but happily, the sane cast wouldn't be returning back for this time. The author has already thanked the fans that they are being helpful and consistent with the movie’s details. In a blog post, he wrote down,

“Then, at last, we can start getting really serious about other aspects of the planning I know you guys are a lot about, such as the casting process. The pilot script is all set, however, and the season outline is in good shape. I cannot stress enough what a huge “win” that is, and it really did take the better part of fifteen months to get there. When this series moves forward (fingers and toes crossed, of course) I am confident it will be the show we’ve been waiting for.”

The cast hasn’t decided yet and there are pretty many chances that Disney will make some new teen faces in the series. The author jokingly said that his fans can also audition for the series and they might be cast on the show. As he would really love to see someone who loves the book equally as his fan does. 

When the movie was announced, Rick didn't take the slightest interest as he was already fed up with the script when he first showed it. The writer has even said that he hasn't watched the movie ever because he knew that the script and the show sucked!.

But looking at his interest this time, we can expect a lot of things from Disney. With the animation and the design of Disney, this might be the next Harry Potter show. 

What Can You Expect with the Series?

This time, things were different than what they used to be before when the movie was made. There is a lot of criticism and negative comments made by the fans and I would not talk about this here. But the main problem that the Movie creator does is that they haven’t paid attention to the small details and the character development in the show, 

As the author said that he would really love to see that each of his books get equal love and respect throughout the series. So you might be seeing 7 different episodes or seasons that are based on every part of the novel. 

He even said that the budget of the movie is huge which can be related to the Wandavision and the Mandalorian. As both of these shows are made around the budget of $200 Million Dollar, we can expect the budget of this series around it. 

He said in his blog post,  “So the filming. That’s later, but there are a lot of different ways we’re looking at doing this, like, for instance, we could do some location visits. We also might have access to the rig, which is the virtual environment where they.

For instance, film The Mandalorian, and they do it like all there in the room, but they do amazing things with it. So we have a lot of very cool toys that we can play with. I am especially looking forward, I think, to the St. Louis Arch scene because we haven’t gotten to see that ever. So that’ll be fun.”

When Percy Jackson is going to Release? 

Percy Jackson in disney

After Disney made the announcement regarding the series, many people wondered, “When will these series be released?”. Well, if you are one of those people who think the same way then you need to have a chill. The series hasn't officially started yet. 

Though they have source material and the story already got a start, the producers have said that they want to change so much. Well, they can’t present the show as it was depicted in the book, that will not have the same excitement. 

It will be too soon to predict a release date since Disney hasn’t said much about it. There is no official release date for this show so far. But Rioderntold his fans through writing a post which says, 

“Just know that you guys are helping and playing an essential role. Every time Becky or Ashlee posts something on social media and you guys get it trending (like with the casting news last month), you’d better believe the execs at Disney are taking notice. It reminds them (and all of us) just how big a global desire there is to see this TV show come to life! So thank you all for your support and your patience. We’re doing this for you, and we couldn’t do it without you!”

Final Words

With the help of regular updates by the author, Rick, we have come to know that the series is finally under production. As there are enough resources that prove that Disney is producing the series which is based on popular books. Percy Jackson will be coming out soon. There is no release date that will help the reader this time but I know that the consistency of the author will definitely help us soon. If there will be a release date for this series then I’ll let you know. 

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