Pedro Pascal Reveals That Filming for the Second Season of the HBO Series “The Last of Us” Could Start Soon in 2023!

Episode 7 of The Last of Us just came out, and it broke the hearts of fans of the show once again. With Joel counting his last breaths and Ellie’s loss, it doesn’t look like there will be a happy moment in this show any time soon.

People are wondering when the second season will start. And a recent interview seems to show that Pedro Pascal has answered this question! Pedro Pascal gives a hint about when Season 2 of The Last of Us will be shot.

Pedro Pascal is a great actor. He has played every role, from Prince Oberyn Martell to Joel Miller, with a lot of conviction. That’s why his role as Joel in The Last of Us on HBO is so good. But the last time we saw Joel, he was on his deathbed, pushing Ellie away and telling her to go see his brother Tommy. This makes people who haven’t played the game wonder about a lot of things.

What comes next is the most important question of all. The second question is where season 2 of this show will take the story and when we can expect to see it.

Pedro Pascal recently talked to Collider and gave a hint about when they would start filming. And it looks like it won’t be long before everything starts. When asked if the second season would be filmed later this year, he said, “Yes, there is a chance. Yes.”

And it makes sense. In three weeks, the first season would be over, and the second game’s story is just too big. It would take a lot of episodes to tell the story, so the showrunners should start making episodes as soon as they can.

Will Season 2 of The Last of Us Come After the Second Game?

Even though the creators of The Last of Us haven’t said it officially, many fans of the game think that Season 2 of the very popular HBO show will cover the second game. Shortly after the second episode aired in January, the show was renewed. At the time, game director and co-creator Neil Druckmann tweeted the news with the words “Part II —> HBO.”

The Last of Us

After the Season 2 order, Bella Ramsey briefly talked about how excited they were to learn more about some of the stories from Part II. Ramsey told on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, “I’m really excited for the Ellie/Dina story.”

Even though The Last of Us Part II is the last game in the series, Season 2 of the HBO show may not be the end. Before the renewal, co-creator Craig Mazin said, “The amount of story left in [The Last of Us Part II] would probably take us more than a season to tell.”

New episodes of The Last of Us are currently shown on HBO and HBO Max every Sunday night at 9 PM ET. The last episode of Season 1 will air on March 12.

If you want to know more about Joel’s adventures, you’ll need to know about the cast of The Last of Us and how many episodes there will be.