Paulina Porizkova Net Worth 2022: How Did the Former Famous Supermodel Get Rich?

Actress, writer, and model Paulina Porizkova is of Czech and American descent. She was born in Czechoslovakia and now holds citizenship in both Sweden and the United States. Up to the time of Ric Ocasek‘ s passing in 2019, she was his wife.

Her modeling career began in the 1980s, and she quickly rose to become one of the most recognizable figures in the fashion industry. This article provides details about Paulina Porizkova’s biography, net worth, and a variety of other topics.

Brief Information About Paulina Porizkova

Full Name Paulina Porizkova
D.O.B April 9, 1965
Profession  Actress, Model 
Net Worth $10 Million

Her Early Years: Parents and Education

On April 9, 1965, in Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, Paulina Porizkova was born. The model’s parents fled to Lund in Switzerland with her during the Warsaw Pact Invasion of 1968, giving rise to some unusual and unsettling experiences during her formative years.

Paulina Porizkova Net Worth

The Czechoslovak government forbade them from taking their daughter back after they had placed her in the care of her grandmother. After that, her parents engaged in conflict with law enforcement, and the Swedish media extensively covered the story.

Porizkova’s mother attempted to save her, but it was unsuccessful, so she was imprisoned. Porizkova was eventually reunited with her parent’s thanks to political pressure that resulted in her mother’s release.

Paulina’s Net Worth

Paulina Porizkova’s net worth is $10 million, according to celebrity net worth. Sadly, Paulina’s exclusion from the musician’s will after his 2019 passing was disclosed following the death of her longtime husband, Ric Ocasek.

She apparently had so few cash assets that she was forced to borrow money from acquaintances shortly after Ric‘s passing.

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In his will, Ric excluded Paulina from obtaining a share of his personal property, including $5 million worth of copyrighted intellectual property, on the grounds that she had deserted him.

However, Paulina was once among the highest-paid models in the early 1990s, making tens of millions of dollars per year at her height, contrary to popular belief that Ric was the wealthier of the two.

Twitter Account of Paulina

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Personal Life of Paulina

Paulina Porizkova was wed to Ric Ocasek, the band’s main vocalist, in her private life. Oliver and Jonathan Raven were the couple’s two kids, and they were married in 1989. Porizkova took care of Ocasek in 2019 as he recovered from surgery even though the couple divorced in 2017.

Paulina Porizkova Net Worth

In September 2019, Porizkova discovered him dead in his residence. Ocasek and Porizkova did not get a divorce before he passed away, but he left Porizkova out of his will, alleging that she had abandoned him.

As Porizkova looked after Ocasek after his surgery, it is now up to a judge to assess whether or not this claim is valid. If the judge dismisses the claim of abandonment, Paulina Perizkova’s net worth can rise as a result of the court battle.

Real Estate

For $2.5 million, Ric and Paulina purchased a 6,000-square-foot townhouse in New York City in 1989. For $15.3 million, they put the townhouse on the market in January 2019. After Ric passed away, Paulina subsequently agreed to pay $10 million for the home.

Additionally, they shared ownership of a 5.5-acre rural home in Millbrook, New York, 90 miles north of New York City, which they purchased in 1997 for $650,000. This home is still owned by Paulina.

Porizkova Paulina Estee Lauder’s income

Paulina entered into a contract with Estée Lauder in 1988 that would pay her $6 million annually through 1995. She received $42 million in total, before taxes, from just that one contract. This would be equivalent to earning about $80 million in today’s money after accounting for inflation.

Other Projects

Paulina Porizkova co-wrote the 1992 children’s book “The Adventures of Ralphie the Roach,” which is a lesser-known detail about her. In 2007, Porizkova also published a book titled “A Model Summer.” Porizkova currently blogs for Modelinia and The Huffington Post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Paulina Porizkova’s current residence?

She recently moved into a rented apartment in Manhattan, although she continues to reside in upstate New York.

Paulina met Ric when she was how old?

Porizkova first encountered Ocasek in 1984 when filming the music video for the band’s popular song “Drive” at the age of 19. Five years later, when she was 24 and he was 45, they got married.

Did Ric Ocasek have kids with Paulina Porizkova?

Porizkova first met Ric Ocasek, the lead vocalist of the rock group The Cars, in 1984 while they were filming the music video for their song “Drive.” The two got hitched on August 23, 1989. Jonathan Raven Ocasek and Oliver are their two sons.