Paris Jackson Dating: Who Is She Dating Now?


Paris-Michael Model, actor, singer, and musician Katherine Jackson (born April 3, 1998) is an American star. She is Michael Jackson's only child with Debbie Rowe, the couple's second child.

Republic Records secured a deal with Jackson in 2020. Let Down” was released on October 29, 2020, as her first single. It was published on November 18, 2020, for her first album.


Who Is Paris Jackson Dating?

The 23-year-old isn't up to the nickname “the City of Love” that she was given. After all, she performed her new song Freckles for Willow Smith and is currently focusing on her own well-being. However, this does not stop her from being the subject of several rumours.

She was linked to Cara Delevingne, a model and actress, in February 2021, when she had an identical tattoo. Both ladies have been the subject of relationship rumours since March this year, although neither has acknowledged them directly. As a source close to the stars said to People magazine, “they have a playful friendship but aren't dating or in a relationship.


“Paris is a young woman of 19 years who is having a blast. This woman has no intention of getting married any time soon.”According to Page Six's exclusive report from last March, Paris Hilton's relationship with actor Emile Hirsch is “purely platonic,” despite earlier reports linking the two together.


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Who Has Paris Jackson Dated?

According to her own admissions in Unfiltered: Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn, in July 2020, Paris has had confirmed romantic connections with a number of people, both men, and women, during her time in the public eye.

While the details of Paris's love life are likely to remain a closely guarded secret, these are some of the men she has been photographed with.

Gabriel Glenn

Paris Jackson Dating

She was in a relationship with musician and vocalist Gabriel Glenn, whom she collaborated with and participated in a Facebook Watch series called Unfiltered: Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn. They first met at a concert by Gabriel's band, The Trash Dog, at Hollywood's Rainbow Bar & Grill in April of last year.

The Soundflowers, a folk-pop group formed by the two lovers, was more than just a romantic union. In August 2020, the couple announced that they were ending their relationship amicably and that no single incident had prompted them to do so. It's been said that Paris was fed up with Covid's “crushing” of their musical ambitions and felt it was time to go it alone in order to concentrate on her music career.

It was Paris who made it clear how important Gabriel was in her life, even after they broke up and she hinted at troubles in their Facebook series. “When it comes to the future, I don't know. However, there is a person I aspire to be “She said that, With Gabe, I can't achieve my goals of becoming a better person and musician.

In Gabe's presence, I learned that “love does exist, and it's not as nice as it appears in the movies.”

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Tyler Green

Paris Jackson Dating

When they were spotted together at the Melbourne Cup in November of last year, Paris and Tyler were said to be dating. For Valentine's Day 2018, Paris took a picture of a Valentine's Day card she had made for him and then posted it to her Instagram account.

According to the message on the card, “Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope your day is filled with magic and smiles and love and laughter!” In the meantime, I'm hoping to catch up with you shortly. Baby Dingo, you are sorely missed. Paris, keep up the good work.”

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Michael Snoddy

Paris Jackson Dating

He was eight years her senior. When she started dating the King of Pop's daughter is 2016 and she was spotted with him on numerous occasions. They've spent a lot of time together, including her 18th birthday and a trip to Neverland Ranch.

After dating for less than a year, Paris and Michael called it quits in February of last year, with a source telling Us Magazine that “Paris ended things with Michael.”

Tom Killjoy

paris jackson dating

It was an odd friendship that gave rise to romance rumours. It was reported in December 2017 that the A-lister was seen socializing with the former Towie star. With Tom in the foreground, she shared two black and white images on Instagram. For those who doubt it, Paris joked about “legally adopting” Tom as “a big brother” in an interview.

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Chester Castellaw

Paris Jackson Dating

While they were together, Paris and the soccer player had a whirlwind romance. And, according to a family friend, their romance did not end happily. According to the insider, Paris and Chester “broke up approximately three weeks ago” and are currently “not on speaking terms,” according to RadarOnline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn Still Together?

Recently, Paris Jackson opened up about her breakup with Gabriel Glenn in 2020. Two years of dating preceded their split. Gabriel Glenn and Paris Jackson dated for about two years before calling it to quit in August 2020.

What Happened Between Paris and Gabe?

The model and actress reportedly wanted to focus on her music career as the cause of their breakup. For Paris, the relationship had simply reached the end of its usefulness, and there was no particular event that prompted them to call it quits.

Does Debbie Rowe Have a Relationship With Paris?

When it comes to her mother, the “Freckles” singer didn't meet Rowe until she was 15, but the two have been in touch over the years. As Paris put it, “It's fun to get to know her and find how much we have in common.”


In reality, the actress prefers to work on projects with her boyfriends in order to strengthen their relationship. When Paris saw Gabriel Glenn and his band the Trash Dogs perform in Los Angeles in April 2018, she became friends with him. “Within a week of meeting Gabriel,” Paris Jackson confessed on their Facebook Watch series Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn.