‘he Saw an Opportunity’ Paige Lorenze Said She Felt Like Ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron ‘Was Using Me’

After nearly a year of separation from Camila Kendra, Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron began dating model Paige Lorenze. “They are a couple. In July 2022, a source informed Us Weekly that the couple's relationship was still fresh. They are concealing the information.

Paige Lorenze questions the motivations of Tyler Cameron for their brief romance. As she featured on Thursday's episode of Sofia Franklyn's podcast, Sofia with an F, the model, 24, stated that she believes the Bachelorette alum, 29, was “using me” to create a “media storm” and promote an impending launch.

“I felt like he was using me. This may sound arrogant, given that he has a large fan base, but I felt like he was using me. I had the impression he desired a media frenzy “Lorenze remarked. “He was looking at my story views and noticing that I had more than he did, so he jokingly stated, ‘I need a controversy,' word for word.”

'he Saw an Opportunity' Paige Lorenze Said She Felt Like Ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron 'Was Using Me'

Before she “found Cameron through mutual friends at parties,” Lorenze was in the news for dating the infamous Morgan Wallen and Armie Hammer.

Lorenze addressed her previous relationships on her podcast “I don't like that about myself, but there are some unflattering things in the media about me, particularly with my relationships. And I believe he saw a chance to go public quickly, not because he didn't like me, but because he's about to unveil something.”

After a source confirmed to PEOPLE in July that Lorenze and Cameron were dating, Cameron made the romance public on Instagram in early August by posting photographs of them on a “date cruise.”

A week later, Cameron declared on an episode of EDaily !'s Pop that they were “no longer dating” and “took a step back.” He stated, “It wasn't the proper time, and it wasn't beneficial for us.” “I'm single, yeah.”

'he Saw an Opportunity' Paige Lorenze Said She Felt Like Ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron 'Was Using Me'

“Therefore, we're back to not Dating and doing our own thing,” Cameron continued, adding that they “have heaps of respect and love for each other.” Lorenze also revealed to Page Six that she was unmarried and “more career-focused than ever,” adding, “There was no dramatic breakup or bad blood between us.”

She continued, “I've always made significant life changes for my partners, but for the time being, I'm focusing on me.” “It's a relief to finally feel at ease with putting myself and my future first. Extremely enthusiastic for what lies ahead!” Later, Lorenze revealed in a TikTok comment that she had “had no knowledge he was speaking with the media, adding, “I am not ashamed; I simply stepped away.” Just odd.”

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