According to Ekin-so, Paige and Adam Are No Longer the Main Characters

Love Island winner in 2022 Ekin-Su has broken her silence in the most dramatic way possible on Paige Thorne and Adam Collard's breakup. Ekin-Su asserts that Paige “can do better” following rumours regarding the couple's possible breakup. Ekin-Su states dramatically, “It's over. It's finished.”

She continues, “I believe Paige is capable of doing better. You know, I just believe it's wrong. This is my perspective on couples: after you leave Love Island, you feel forced to stay together.

According to Ekin-so, Paige and Adam Are No Longer the Main Characters

Adam was recently spotted in McDonald's with a woman and chicken nuggets, prompting reports that he and Paige Thorne were on a break just last week. A source reports that Paige and Adam are no longer together. They were on a break but knew things would not work out. Paige struggled with life outside the villa despite Adam's attempts to prepare her.

Paige, 24, and Adam, 26, began dating when the Love Island veteran returned to the island for a second time. After leaving the property, the duo continued to enjoy each other's company while spending time together. However, rumours of a breakup began to circulate when an online video showed Adam kissing a woman in McDonald's went viral.

Later, the university student in the clip insisted that nothing improper had occurred between herself and Adam Collard, telling the Mirror, “He ended up putting his arm around me as we continued chatting, but there was nothing happening in the conversation; it was so innocent; there was literally nothing wrong.”

According to Ekin-so, Paige and Adam Are No Longer the Main Characters

However, rumours that Paige was “upset” by the clip continued to fuel worries about separation. Adam was then spotted departing for Bali, while Paige erased any references to the Geordie hunk from her Instagram page.

It comes a week after Paige celebrated with her Love Island companions at Ekin-Oh Su's Polly launch party. The paramedic posted a picture of her and three friends posing at the Love Island winner's celebration on social media. In the Instagram photo, she appeared alongside Tasha Ghouri, 24, Antigoni Buxton, 26, and Danica Taylor, 21.

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