P-valley Season 2 Release Date: Is There Going to Be the Third Season of P-valley?

Starz has announced the second season of P-Valley, so it’s time to dust out the old 8-inch stilettos! P-Valley was revived for a second season after its debut season was a critical and popular hit, promising viewers more storylines centered on the characters they had grown to love and the unresolved drama from the previous season.

Before the 2018 Allblk Original Documentaries Naked Hustle, which focuses on the convergence of hip-hop music and stripping culture, the popularity of P-Valley had been anticipated for some time. There is a growing audience interest in the lives and experiences of pole dancers and strippers, although these professions remain forbidden in many societies.

Additionally, Lorene Scafaria’s 2019 film Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu and based on the true story of a group of women who steal from the rich and give their money to working women, piqued audiences’ interest in female storylines with its glossy and dramatic storyline.

Based on Tina and produced by Khaliah Neal (The Last Black Man in San Francisco), P-Valley follows in these footsteps and offers the audience an intimate look at the workings of a strip club from the perspective of its owners and employees. As a play originally, Hall’s concept highlights situations and people that are often misunderstood or misrepresented in the media in the Deep South, notably the Mississippi Delta.

Everything you need to know about the upcoming P-Valley season is here.


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When Will P-Valley Season 2 Premiere?

P-Valley Season 2

Season 2 of P-Valley, like many other shows and productions that have been postponed over the past few seasons, will premiere in 2020. Starz will screen new episodes each week beginning on Friday, June 3, as they did with the first season.

P-Valley Season 2 Cast | Who Are They?

Fortunately, as revealed in the teaser above, all of the main characters from Season 1 will be returning to finish their journeys. The cast also features Elarica Johnson as Autumn Night, Brandee Evans as Mercedes, Shannon Thornton (Power) as Miss Mississippi, J. Alphonse Nicholson (Chicago PD) as Lil’ Murda, and Nicco Annan (This is Us) as Uncle Clifford.

Two new dancers are joining the Pynk for Season 2, Whisper and Roulette, who Psalms Salazar and Gail Bean will play from GIRLS LOST: A HOLLYWOOD THRILLER and SNOWFALL. Season 1’s tumultuous welcome for Autumn and Mercedes’ devotion to The Pynk and her employment suggest that the newcomers may raise some eyebrows among the other girls.

How Many Episodes Are in Season 2 of P-valley?

Season 2 will contain ten episodes, or around an hour each, more significant than the first season’s eight.

What Can We Expect From P-Valley Season 2?

P-Valley Season 2


 In Season 2, Starz claims that the characters we’ve come to know and love will continue to be tested as they encounter new and unexpected challenges in their lives. Season 2, which picks up five months after the events of Season 1, is anticipated to be centred around the characters adjusting to the new power dynamics that have emerged since Season One ended with Autumn purchasing The Pynk from Uncle Clifford.

A new leader was brought in as a result of this, but it saved everyone’s employment. Autumn was still a little nervous and unsure of herself at the beginning of this season, but she has since matured into a confident, confident young woman. She may face power clashes with Uncle Clifford as we learn more about her mysterious past and how it brought her to The Pynk in the first place.

Writing for The Pynk, Katori Hall was inspired by the intimacy-based experiences these places are centred on, so she and the writers decided to incorporate the epidemic into the tale. As a result, viewers should expect these themes to operate as a more considerable impediment, producing tension that the characters are powerless to handle.

Season One: The End of an Era

In Season Two, five months after P-Valley was threatened with closure, the focus is on Autumn and Uncle Clifford’s brief partnership. Although all of the dancers’ employment were saved, there is an abundance of drama between the two and longstanding veteran dancer Mercedes under the new leadership of the Pynk.

P-Valley fans are eagerly anticipating a few significant themes to be explored as Autumn steps up to the role of ruler of Chucalissa’s best experience in the trap. Her backstory, which includes her power battles with Uncle Clifford, is rife with uncertainty.

This is a good time to mention that characters like Mississippi and Lil Murder have the opportunity to grow outside of their club, which the audience will love.

Is There Going to Be the Third Season of P-valley?

P-Valley Season 2

Even though P-Valley Season 2 was promptly picked up after the launch of the show, a third season has yet to be announced or even mentioned. Although it is possible that if Season 2 produces the same level of drama as the first season, then spectators can expect many more seasons in the future.

Is There a Season 2 Trailer for P-Valley Out There?

Filming and production problems have prevented the publication of a teaser or any sneak-peek into season two up until lately, even though it was announced only two weeks after the first episode aired. Season 2 of The Walking Dead has finally given fans a taste of what to expect.



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