Oxidized Cholesterol: Cause and Prevention!


Oxidized Cholesterol is a real problem in the US and has led to the increase in the number of heart diseases and more patients are facing various problems related to the heart. There has been a hypothesis where it has been explained in detail about how oxidized cholesterol is the cause of coronary disorders.

Let us understand the effects and the formation of this cholesterol in a person’s body and how it can be prevented by improving our diet and conscious eating. There are multiple ways in which this can be prevented but it cannot happen if we continue eating food mindlessly without understanding the ingredients and the composition of the food we are consuming.


The simple thing is that our body is sustaining us and helping us live a simple life but in order to let it function properly, we need to provide proper care. We need to take care of our body and listen to it. Our body has a way of telling us when it can sustain something or not. It is our choice to listen or ignore it.

What Is Oxidized Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is increased when we consume food that has too much fat. If a person is consuming more fat than their body needs then it does lead to various problems. Here we are talking about the LDL cholesterol that leads to building up of plaque in our arteries.


It is basically a wax-like substance and when it starts collecting in our arteries, this leads to problems in the blood flow and leads to blockages. This blockage can further lead to various heart diseases and make life uncomfortable.

Oxidized Cholesterol

The cholesterol that starts hardening the artery walls is oxidized cholesterol and is very dangerous.Although, it is only dangerous if it exceeds the normal level of oxidation because we need to understand that oxidation is a normal process and ultimately necessary. However, we are talking about the excess of it which is deemed dangerous and unhealthy.

Our immune system does try to do its job by trying to fight this problem but that leads to a counter reaction and can cause swelling of the arteries which is the ultimate cause of heart diseases.

What Food Leads to Increased Oxidized Cholesterol?

Processed food is a major cause of increased levels of Oxidized Cholesterol. Processed food is basically the kind of food that contains high levels of sugar, fat and also sodium. This leads to a lot of problems as once a person consumes these food items, they like the taste of it but don’t realize how it harms their body. 

Processed food is made by altering the natural process of food preparation. It can be done by freezing it, baking it or putting it in a can. We should be very careful in understanding what we are feeding our bodies.

These include:

  • Fried food
  • Margarines
  • Canned items
  • Baked food in a commercial setting

 Oxidized Cholesterol

Smoking is also a cause of oxidized cholesterol and can lead to various respiratory and heart diseases. It can also lead to diabetes and inflammation of arteries because of them getting hardened.

How to Prevent Oxidized Cholesterol?

The most basic way to prevent this is by improving the diet and the intake of fat. One must eat a lot of vegetables and fruits in order to optimize the fat and sugar intake. This has multiple benefits. 

It not only prevents diseases but also leads to a better lifestyle and if one does end up having processed food and unhealthy amounts of fat then it can also be treated by a certain amount of regular exercising. It again should be a lifestyle choice because of the increased number of outlets that attract the customers through this delicious but unhealthy food.

Foods That Can Help Reduce Cholesterol:

Nuts Walnuts

Baruka Nuts


Fruits Berries
Vegetables Carrot



Oil Olive Oil
Meat Salmon
Others Oatmeal

One can also refer to their doctor and ask them to prescribe supplements if the lifestyle is too busy and consuming that doesn’t leave much space for catering to the needs of their body. However, this must be done carefully because a number of these supplements might react harshly and cause other problems, especially if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Oxidized Cholesterol

This is why a healthy diet and any form of exercise is the best way to fight this problem especially in a country like the US where processed food has become a staple diet because of its huge market and high demand. 

The country is also fighting obesity as that has also been on an all time high. The world has become vulnerable to various bacterias and viruses and in order to prepare our body for this fight, some serious and crucial steps have to be taken.

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