Outlander Season 6: Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

Last Updated: 28 January, 2022

Wanted to Watch Outlander Adventurous, Fantasy and Romance Drama? Will it be available to stream on Netflix? If, yes then how and if no, then when will it come to Netflix. Can I watch this drama on other platforms if I don’t have a Netflix subscription?

Let’s know about this historical drama which whose fifth season consists of 12 episodes in it and released on February 16, 2020 and concluded on May 10, 2020. Will there be a new season of Outlander in 2021 or 2022? There is a good news that this fantasy drama is already renewed for its brand new two seasons which will have 8 episodes and 16 episodes in 6th and 7th season respectively.

Let’s in this we will talk about Outlander season 5 and its release date and where to watch this drama. This season is one of the best and favourite season and series on Starz Network. Many fans wanted to know where can they watch this series. Is the series started streaming on Netflix or not?

The fifth season has 12 episodes which came last year in 2020 spring time and it was the most watched season among the viewers as it proved with the season ranking. Without wasting time of the audience, we come to the storyline as you will see couples in the story and the secrecy between them and the plot of the series is amazing.

The woman has to marry another guy in a different world for her survival. To know clear about the story and to know what happened in the whole series you have to watch this sci-fiction, fantasy and romantic drama.

After the conclusion of the fifth season in May 2020 fans are eagerly waiting to watch its new season and also waiting for the season to come to Netflix soon. Fans and even I am also crazy to watch its previous season 5th on Netflix and on another platforms.

Before moving forward to know where to watch this hit series let’s know its release date and no. of episodes in it.

Outlander Season 6: Release Date

Outlander Season 6

According to Town and Country Magazine, Outlander Season 6 will be released on Netflix on March 6, 2022.

Science fiction drama series in which eye vision of all the humans are lost due to virus and then after long twin twins take birth who can have correct vision.

Can I Stream Outlander Season 5 on Netflix?

Outlander Season 6

Currently Season 5 of Outlander is not available to stream on Netflix. It simply means this latest season is not on Netflix and expected to arrive in 2022 and not in winter’s of 2021 christmas time.

But, you can streams its all previous season 1-5 on Netflix.

Name of the Movie Outlander Season 6
Genre Historical Fiction, Drama
Release Date March 6, 2022
Produced By
  • David Brown
  • Caitríona Balfe
  • Sam Heughan


Platform  Netflix
No. of Seasons 5

Where Can I Watch Outlander Season Other Than Netflix?

As I stated above that this season is not available to stream on Netflix but you don’t have to worry as you can stream this show on other platforms and even on Starz or on other networks which stream this Outlander series including its latest season.

Outlander Season 6

With the help of Starz add on package you can manage to watch this latest season on Amazon Prime and on Hulu. if you are the subscriber of Starz Network then you can access this show directly and enjoy you day while watching it.

Is There an Outlander Season 6 Trailer?

Yes, here is the on the set of season 6 trailer of Outlander which is given below along with season 5 official trailer-

Last Lines

Watch Outlander season 5 and wait a little more to release it on Netflix along with season 6 which is scheduled to come in 2022 on Starz but release date is not confirmed.

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