Our Kind of People Season 2 is Officially Canceled! All Updates Are Here

On September 21, 2021, as a part of the television season 2021–2022, Fox broadcast the premiere of the American drama television series Our Kind of People. The same-named 1999 novel by Lawrence Otis Graham served as the inspiration for the series, which was created by Karin Gist and Wendy Calhoun. Our Kind of People is a drama-filled television series. The audience’s reaction has been about average.

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Quick Facts About Our Kind of People Season 2

Name Our Kind Of People Season 2
OTT Platform Hulu
Producer Karin Gist and Wendy Calhoun
Our Kind Of People Season 1 Release Date September 21, 2021
Our Kind Of People Season 2 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

Our Kind of People Season 1 Ending Explained

Season 1 of Our Kind of People was average. Our Kind of People‘s second season should be well-received.

Teddy and Leah bring sad news to Angela in the latest Our Kind of People episode. Later, Piggy tells Angela her secrets, and Angela takes steps to protect her and Eve’s Crown. Angela almost gets all she wants after that.

Our Kind of People Season 2

Raymond becomes frantic to take Teddy‘s Darmon shares and hide for Olivia with the police after Teddy confronts Leah. Piggy tells Tyrique about his dad. Teddy offers Angela a choice. Raymond regains his confidence and approaches Leah.

Aunt Piggy is surprised when a familiar face resurfaces. The Franklin-Dupont family are shocked. We’ll see. We expect Our Kind of People season 2 to pick up where season 1 left off.

Expected Release Date: Will Our Kind of People Return for a Second Season?

After just one season of television, Our Kind of People Season 2 would be cancelled, the Fox network confirmed on May 13, 2022.

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Since many Fox original series have reportedly been cancelled, the series has no chance of being renewed by the network, even if it had a sizable fan base that was anxious to see additional seasons of the show in order to have a satisfying conclusion that these adored characters actually deserved.

Expected Cast of Will Our Kind of People Season 2

The following list includes the series’ principal cast members:

  • As Nikki Vaughn, Alana Kay Bright
  • As Quincy Dupont, Kyle Bary
  • Teddy Franklin played by Joe Morton
  • Raymond Dupont is played by Morris Chestnut.
  • As Angela Vaughn, Yaya DaCosta
  • As Leah Franklin Dupont, Nadine Ellis

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The Plot: What Could We Expect From Season 2?

All 12 of the season’s episodes, which were completed on January 25, 2022, have been shown as of May 24, 2022. The series’ concluding episode, Kiss It Up to God, was written by Karin Gist, Gretchen J. Berg, and Aaron Harberts and directed by Jeff Byrd. An estimated 1.34 million US people watched the show.

Our Kind of People Season 2

According to the episode’s official synopsis, “As the Illumination Ball draws closer, Angela and Leah team together to learn the truth about what really transpired between Teddy and Eve in 1984; Angela must choose between Tyrique and Nate.”

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The tale would have continued from this point on and expanded upon to examine the character interactions and subplots, which may have encouraged fans to stick with watching the series for a long time if it had received a second season renewal.

Is There Any Trailer of Our Kind of People Season 2

Our Kind of People Season 2‘s official trailer has not yet been released. After the second season of the television series Our Kind of People was revealed, it appears that it will shortly be published.

Watch the Our Kind of People series’ first season trailer now. Look at it below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Our Kind of People’s IMDB ratings?

On IMDb, Our Kind of People has a score of 5.3 out of 10.

Where is Our Kind of People on television?

Online streaming is available for Our Kind of People on Hulu.

What book is the basis for the series?

The series is based on a book written by American lawyer and New York Times bestselling author Lawrence Otis Graham. Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class is the name of the book (1999)