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South Korean television series Our Blues, directed by Kim Kyu-Tae and written by Noh Hee-Kyung, is set to premiere in the fall of this year. It is set in Korea's Jeju Island, and it is based on the sweet and painful experiences of people who are either at the end of their lives or at the beginning of theirs.

In Our Blues, seven people's lives on Jeju Island are chronicled in an omnibus format, which means that each episode will focus on one of the island's principal characters, with cameo appearances from the other characters on rare occasions.


our blues release date

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Our Blues Synopsis and Plot Summary can be Found Here


“Our Blues” is an omnibus-style drama that chronicles the story of a large number of characters who are all somewhat interconnected, in one way or another, throughout the film. Lee Dong Suk, a man who was born on the beautiful island of Jeju, makes his career selling vehicles.

During his stay in Jeju, he meets Min Sun Ah, a lady with a mysterious past who has gone to the island to break free from her existence. When Park Jung Joon, a ship captain, meets Lee Young Ok, a diver with an outgoing and cheerful personality, they fall in love.

Jung Eun Hee, the proprietor of a fish shop, reunites with Choi Han Soo, her former lover who has passed away. They come across each other on Jeju Island while he is on his way back home after realising that city life is not always for him.

The Cast of Our Blues Season 1

Along with Cha Seung Won (Korean Odyssey, You're All Surrounded City Hall), Cha Seung Won (Korean Odyssey, You're All Surrounded City Hall) as Choi Han Soo in the film. Lee Jung Eun is the actor that portrays Jung Eun Hee (Law School, A Piece of Your Mind, When the Camellia Blooms).

Park Jung Joon is played by Kim Woo Bin, who also appears in the film (School 2013, The Heirs, Uncontrollably Fond). Uhm Jung Hwa (Witch's Romance, Montage, Dancing Queen) is the actress who portrays Go Mi Ran. Han Ji Min also plays the character of Lee Young Ok in the film (One Spring Night, Familiar Wife, Rooftop Prince).

Release Date and Teaser for Our Blues Album

Our Blues Premiered on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at 09:10 pm KST on tvN and Netflix, with the first episode. Throughout 10 weeks, there will be a total of 20 episodes shown, with one episode airing each Saturday and Sunday evening. The final episode will run on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

We get a brief look at each character as well as the breathtaking natural scenery of Jeju Island in the teaser for Our Blues, which is both invigorating and entertaining.

Various Other Specifics

This omnibus style will be used to tell the stories, with each episode focused on a new character and their journey through the series. Jeju Island, where the stories are situated, is the largest island in South Korea and the setting for the stories.

our blues release date


A truck manufacturer from Jeju comes into contact with a young woman who has no memory of her history. A young female diver (haenyeo) falls in love with a charming captain, and the two begin a relationship. Also on the island, a fish store owner reconnects with a former lover who has returned to the island after a lengthy absence.

During their time on Jeju Island, their paths become entwined as they navigate through the bitter-sweet experience that is life itself.

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Season 1 of the Blues has a Number of Highlights

The first season of Our Blues, starring Lee Byung hun and Shin Min a, is available to stream on Netflix for fans. There are other characters in the movie besides those mentioned above, so have pleasure in watching it with your family and friends. The release date for the film, as well as details on the cast and trailer, can be seen above the fold.

Season 1 of Our Blues is one of the programmes that many of these Binge watchers have put on their list of things to watch in the future.

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Our Blues Season 1 Binge Watchers List is now Available

With the lockdown that has been in place since 2020, binge-watchers have recently taken to bingeing on series, which have become increasingly popular.

our blues release date

They have not restricted themselves to a single region or genre; rather, they have explored a variety of pathways in series, which has grown more common in recent years. Season 1 of Our Blues is one of the programmes that many of these Binge watchers have put on their list of things to watch in the future.

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