Otona No Bouguya San: Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen| Japanese Four Panel Series

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Otona No Bouguya San

Otona No Bouguya San

“Armor Shop For Ladies & Gentlemen” is also known as the “Otona No Bouguya San.” The anime is a Japanese four-panel that is released by the Fumi Ayamiya. Otona was published by a webcomic dispatched site which is quite a popular, GANMA! 

The original volume of the series was out in September 15, 2017, which is imprinted by the Earth Star Comics and published by Earth Star Entertainment.

The anime comes on our television screen in just a year gap that is on October 2018 and continues to March 20, 2021, by the IMAGICA Lab and licensed by Crunchyroll. The anime is written by Jun’ichi Yamamoto and directed by Jun’ichi Yamamoto and Domeshi.

Otona No Bouguya has only twenty-seven episodes from which all have a running time of four minutes.

Before we continue with the story, how about we check the character data first.

Characters of Otona No Bouguya San-

  • Kautz Voiced by Mark Ishii

The main protagonist of the show is… he always seeks for a post and later opens a shop of armor but his marketing skills are downing the financial pages of the shop.

  • Lilietta Voiced by Nao Tōyama.

She is one of the most important people in the shop because not only a worker she is a test model for the armors. They used to check the armors on Lilietta and then put them in the section of selling.

  • Narden Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.

He is the holder or we can say the landlord of the armor shop. His personality is very different from the other because he never laughs frequently, although he remains in a very significant and consequential manner.

  • Frealica Voiced by Mikako Komatsu

She is a customer of the shop who used to visit daily, she usually teases Kaatsu. Despite her nature, she is a very strong woman of the sword.

Some Other Featuring Characters of The Anime Is-

  • Emina Voiced by Yui Ogura
  • Sela  Voiced by Yumiri Hanamori
  • Mina Voiced by Azumi Waki

Otona No Bouguya San

What About The Official Teaser of Otona No Bouguya San?

If you haven’t seen the anime then you can start with the endorsed trailer that we have mentioned here.

So, how is the video? Have you seen the anime before? Then do share your look-over on this anime with us…

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Where We Can Watch The Otona No Bouguya San anime?

Being an anime show, Otona No Bouguya San is accessible on various stages. Here we have recorded a couple of them, you look at them below…

You can also enjoy it on the Global Platform, Amazon Prime Video.

Note a portion of the site is unlawful to utilize, we are not advancing any of the sorts. The names are referenced for the data reason as it were.

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The Storyline of Otona No Bouguya-

The anime is based on the life of Kautz, he is a recent wholesaler at a chain armor or shield protection. Kautz used to sell accessories for women that are of high range but he used to sell that very low cost.

This is not a good skill for marketing, the act of Kautz is just making the financial condition of the shop worse.

We haven’t mentioned the complete storyline but if you want then ping me below in the comment section for that…

Otona No Bouguya San- Ratings!

The creators of the anime have done a remarkable job but the anime got a fair rating of-

  • Overall6
  • Animation6
  • Sound6
  • Character-6
  • Enjoyment7

According to the IMDb, the anime only got 4.8 out of 10 which is quite low for the anime, although every rating meter has given this a mediocre grade which may be the reason fans aren’t waiting for its sequel.

Final Verdict

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