Estimated 2023 Orlando Brown Net Worth: What Is His Wealth Now?

Orlando Brown is an American actor, rapper, and musician with a $2 thousand net worth. Orlando Brown is best known for his roles in “Family Matters,” “Two of a Kind,” and “That’s So Raven.”

In addition, he lent his voice to the animated series “Waynehead,” “The Proud Family,” and “Fillmore!” Brown became embroiled in a series of legal issues beginning in early 2016 involving domestic battery, obstruction of justice, and unlawful drug possession.

Early Years

Orlando Brown was born in Los Angeles, California on December 4, 1987.

Television Profession

In 1995, Brown began his acting career as a juvenile. In that year, he appeared on an episode of the ABC comedy series “Coach.” Brown appeared in episodes of four additional sitcoms in 1996, including “In the House,” “The Parent ‘Hood,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” and “Moesha.”

In addition, he began portraying Jerry Jamal “3J” Jameson on the popular sitcom “Family Matters,” a role he performed for the show’s final three seasons, from 1996 to 1998. In addition, Brown debuted voice acting in 1996, portraying the lead in the short-lived animated series “Waynehead.”

In the late 1990s, he also appeared in episodes of “Malcolm & Eddie,” “Sister, Sister,” and “The Wayans Bros.” Brown also had leading roles on the sitcom “Two of a Kind,” which starred Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and the drama series “Safe Harbor,” which starred Gregory Harrison and Rue McClanahan.

Orlando Brown Net Worth

Brown began his long working relationship with Disney in 2000 when he appeared in the Disney Channel baseball film “Perfect Game.” The following year, he appeared in an episode of “Lizzie McGuire” on the Disney Channel and began providing the voice of Sticky Webb in “The Proud Family.”

In 2002, Brown earned another prominent voice-acting role, portraying the titular seventh grader on “Fillmore!” In 2003, he began portraying Eddie Thomas on the Disney Channel adolescent sitcom “That’s So Raven.”

Through 2007, the program starring Raven Symone ran for four seasons. Brown also appeared in episodes of “One on One,” “Phil of the Future,” and “WordGirl,” as well as the television films “Maniac Magee” and “Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off.”

Film Industry

In the 1995 military farce “Major Payne,” starring Damon Wayans, Brown made his big-screen debut. A few years later, he co-starred with Marlon Wayans and David Spade in “Senseless,” a science-fiction comedy.

The next significant role Brown played was in the 2001 Disney comedy “Max Keeble’s Big Move.” After that, he concentrated primarily on his television career. In 2015, Brown had a minor role in F. Gary Gray’s biographical drama “Straight Outta Compton.”

Legal Troubles

Brown was detained in February 2016 in Torrance, California, following a public altercation with his girlfriend. Later, he was charged with domestic violence, obstruction of justice, and possession of drugs with the intent to sell.

In March, he was taken into custody in Barstow after failing to appear for his court date. At this time, Brown was facing new domestic violence, resisting arrest, and narcotic possession charges. He failed to appear in court once more and fled to Nevada.

Orlando Brown Net Worth

In April, bounty hunters eventually apprehended Brown in Las Vegas. A few months later, he was arrested once more as he exited a hotel notorious for prostitution and illicit drug transactions. During his refusal to cooperate, police discovered amphetamine and a pipe in his possession.

Brown got into more difficulty in September of 2016 when he broke into the Las Vegas Legends Restaurant & Venue. After a brief stint in rehab, Brown was observed carrying a case of wine while strolling barefoot down the street.

Brown was detained for the second time on domestic violence charges in December 2022, this time in Lima, Ohio, where he was homeless. Reportedly, he had threatened his sibling with a dagger and a hammer. Brown was subsequently jailed without parole in Allen County.

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Personal Life

Brown is wed to a woman whose name is Danielle. During a late 2018 appearance on “Dr. Phil” that drew significant scrutiny, he claimed to have four children, two of whom he had never met. Brown also falsely asserted that he was the son of the late pop star Michael Jackson, casting doubt on his other claims on the program.