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Netflix’s Open Your Eyes Season 2 Cancelled or Renewed?

The science fiction thriller drama series “Open Your Eyes” or “Otwórz oczy,” which was adapted from Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk’s book “Druga szansa” or “Second Chance,” explores themes like memory, institution, talent by Nature, and liberty.

The performance is honorable. Julia (Maria Wawreniuk), the main character, appears to have both amnesia and amnesia while being treated at Second Chance, an amnesiac hospital. Julia’s life before entering the rehab facility is largely forgotten.

Julia thinks a tragic accident caused the death of her parents. which also caused her memory to fade Julia starts to experience dreams and hallucinations that seem incredibly real as the show goes on. Additionally, she understands that factory workers might not be who they seem.

The first season of “Open Your Eyes” garnered mostly favorable reviews after its debut. If you’re wondering when season 2 will be released, it will. We know the solution for you!

When Will Open Your Eyes Season 2 Be Released?

Season 1 of Open Your Eyes debuted on Netflix on August 25, 2021. Each of the six episodes lasts between 45 and 55 minutes. This is what is known about season 2 so far. The show’s network or creators have not yet made any official announcements regarding the creation of a second season.

However, the streaming juggernaut appears to have developed a preference for Polish content, as subscribers have access to both classic and contemporary Polish series as well as Polish-made original content made specifically for the platform. The Mire and 1983 are two examples of these works.

Part of Poland’s significant entertainment boom is the song “Open Your Eyes.” Since the show’s debut, the reception has been positive, which makes a second season a real possibility. A number of unresolved issues and cliffhangers are left in the first season’s conclusion.

open your eyes season 2 release date

Potentially, the following season will address these issues. ‘Open Your Eyes’ is based on a single book, but judging by how the first season ended, it appears that the show’s creators are free to keep developing and expanding the plot however they see fit.

However, it ultimately depends on how well the mystery drama series’ first season did in terms of ratings and viewership. If ‘Open Your Eyes’ is able to match even a small portion of the success of other Netflix original series like ‘The Witcher and ‘Ozark,’ then its renewal is only a matter of time.

We anticipate the release of “Open Your Eyes” season 2 sometime in 2023 if that occurs in the coming months.

What Will Happen in Season 2 of Open Your Eyes?

In the last episode of season 1, Julia’s real name is revealed to be Karolina. She was in a car accident, and for the next two weeks, she didn’t wake up. Julia wakes up and finds that she can’t play piano anymore.

She realizes that her talent has been taken away from her and given to Adam (Ignacy Liss), who doesn’t even recognize her anymore. As the season comes to an end, Karolina goes back to Second Chance to save her friends.

In the possible second season, we might find out more about how talent gets passed from one person to another. Also, it might be clear what the “mannequins” kept under the facility are for.

Adam, whose real name is Xavier, might find out what his father, Piotr, has done and want to go back to Second Chance to make things right. With Dr. Zofia on her side, Karolina is likely to run into new bad guys in the next season.

Who is the Cast of Season 2 of Open Your Eyes?

Season 2 of Open Your Eyes hasn’t said who will be in it yet. The show’s creators and producers haven’t said anything about this cast, so we have no idea who will be in Open Your Eyes Season 2.

But based on how the first season of Open Your Eyes went and how it ended, we can assume that Open Your Eyes Season 2 will have some of the same characters as Season 1. There may also be new characters, but we don’t know who they are yet. So, let’s take a look at who is in Season 1 of Open Your Eyes.

open your eyes season 2 release date

  • Julia was played by Maria Wawreniuk.
  • Magdalena Budzowska had been young Julia, a role that was played by
  • Ignacy Liss had been Adam in the play.
  • Pawel had been played by Michal Sikorski.
  • Wojciech Dolatowski Had Played The Role Of Szymon
  • Iza was played by Klaudia Koscista.
  • Milena was played by Zuzanna Galewicz.
  • Marta Nieradkiewicz Played The Role Of Dr. Zofia Morawska
  • Magda was played by Sara Celler-Jezierska.
  • Piotr was played by Marcin Czarnik.
  • Martyna Nowakowska Had Played The Role Of Anielka
  • Lukasz Nowicki had been the voice of Black Cube.

Open Your Eyes Season 1 Trailer

Where to Watch Open Your Eyes Season 1?

Open Your Eyes Season 2 hasn’t come out yet, and there’s no news about when it will or if it will be renewed, so it’s not on any OTP platform or website. But Open Your Eyes Season 1 is available on Netflix. One can go right away and watch it.


In the end, the first season of “Open Your Eyes” held people’s attention with its interesting plot and strong acting. Even though there hasn’t been an official announcement about Season 2, it’s likely that it will come out since the first season was well-received and left some loose ends.

Future episodes look good because the show can go deeper into themes like memory, talent, and freedom, as well as look into the mysteries of Second Chance. Fans can expect Season 2 of “Open Your Eyes” to come out in 2023. It will build on the mystery and secrets of the first season.

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