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One Dollar Lawyer Season 2 Release Date: Did the K-Drama Get Renewed for a Second Season?

With its interesting story line and Amazing cast One Dollar Lawyer season 1 was a huge success. Fans of the series all around the world are eagerly waiting for the second season of One Dollar Series.

This Korean series captivated its fans worldwide and they surely wanted to know about the fate of the series like when its second season will be released, what could be the plot of the series and many more things.

Well, No worries, because we’re here to give you all the answers to your questions. So read the complete article to know about One Dollar Lawyer Season 2. 

When Will One Dollar Lawyer Season 2 Be Released?

Well, the first season of One Dollar was released on 23 September 2022. However, the release date of the second season of One Dollar Lawyer is still unknown.

Korean shows are widely known for their interesting and unique story lines, this is one of many reasons why this show is more anticipated.

Expected Cast and Characters of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2

There is not any official announcement yet regarding the renewal of the show. So, it is not possible to tell you about the exact cast of One Dollar Season 2. 

One Dollar Lawyer Season 2 Release Date

However, If the show got renewed somehow, then we may expect to return the cast of the previous season. Also, Maybe the writers introduce some of the new faces in the show. The expected cast of the show are as follows:

  • Andrew Lee in the role of Cheon Ji Hun 
  • Park Jin-woo in the role of Sa Mu Jang 
  • Jung-min Hwang in the role of Lee Young Ok
  • Chung-Ah Lee in the role of Lee Joo Young 
  • Eom Hyo-Seob in the role of Kim Chun Gil 
  • Rich Ting in the role of Chairman Choi Ki Seok 
  • Ji An Won As a Juror 15 
  • Min Namkoong as a Cheon Ji Hun 
  • Ji-Eun Kim as a Baek Ma Ri 
  • Choi Dae-hoon as a Seo Min Hyeok 
  • Lee Deok-hwa as a Baek Hyun Mu 
  • Gong Min-jung as a Na Ye Jin 

The Plot: What Can We Expect From Season 2 of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2?

No doubt, One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 was a captivating season with an amazing storyline. But what about the second season of One Dollar Lawyer? Well, What we can expect from season 2 is that it will address the twist and turns from the story of season 1. 

However, we can also expect some new thrills and story from the writers of season 2. So that, fans of the show could enjoy season 2 as much as season 1.

One Dollar Lawyer Season 2 Release Date

Namkoong Min portrays the unorthodox attorney Cheon Ji-Hun. His hair is styled in an up-to-date perm. He is one of the top lawyers in town, but his fee is still $1,000 Korean won. He goes up against the best lawyers in the business and their wealthy clients who are trying to escape the law.

After receiving her training as an assistant prosecutor from the Judicial Research and Training Institute, Baek Ma-Ri entered the workforce. She believes in herself and has confidence in her talents. Her grandfather, Baek Hyun-Mu, established the prestigious Baek Law Firm. Baek Ma-Ri’s life was going smoothly before she met Cheon Ji-Hun.

Official Trailer of One Dollar Lawyer Season 2

There is not any official announcement about the show. Also, No teaser or trailer is launched for the series. Till the announcement is made, You can watch and enjoy the trailer of the first season here.

Ratings of One Dollar Lawyer 

One Dollar Lawyer has its fan following worldwide. So, It is no wonder why the show has an impressive IMDb rating of 7.9 out of 10. Moreover, The comedy’s portrayal of autistic characters has earned it an 8.5 rating on MyDramaList. 

Where Can You Watch One Dollar Lawyer?

There are many online platforms where you can watch this amazing show. One Dollar Lawyer is available to watch on Hotstar. However, Sad to say, it is not available on Popular streaming service Netflix.

Number of Episodes in One Dollar Lawyer Season 2

Like the first season of the show, One Dollar Lawyer season 2 is expected to have 12 episodes. Well it is only the assumptions, What would be the total number of episodes, will be known after any official announcements from the makers of the show.

Final Words

However, Viewers can’t wait to see how these lawyers’ personal and professional lives develop throughout the forthcoming season. 

Many questions arise in the audience such as Will they have to deal with new legal issues? How will their relationships hold up in light of all that they have to deal with? Devoted fans still want answers to these pressing questions and will be waiting patiently for Season 2 to air.

Well, there is not any official announcement regarding the show. All you can do is wait! Furthermore, If you really liked this article, then you can also bookmark our website for more articles like this.