On My Block Season 3: Netflix Teen Trailer | Behind the Scenes | Release Date | Inside the characters | More Updates!

Excited to watch and read an American teen dramas? Most of the Teenager drama story is related to real life situations and difficulties which teens have to face in seasons but sometimes you already see that you also face the same problems in your life.

Then you come to the right place to read teenager drama and On My Block seasons is one of the best teen dramas which you may like. Let’s read further to Know about what’s in On My Block Season 3.

Netflix Teen Series Trailer On My Block Season 3

Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft are the creators of On My Block Season 3 and it is an teen comedy drama with some dangerous situations.

This American Tv series has 28 episodes in all out of which season 3 consists of 8 episodes from its chapter twenty one to its last chapter twenty eight. Stars of On My Block series are Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Diego Tinoco and Jessica Marie Garcia with many cast members and the whole series is praised on the performance of these cast members and its diverse storyline.

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What’s in the On My Block Season?

On My Block Season 3

It follows a teenage group of street-savvy friends who experience pain and newness in their life while they are going through their high school and their lifelong friendships are tested in this season. Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar face many challenges of adolescence in this coming of age in this comedy series and also in South Central Los Angeles.

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Behind the scene of S3

Release Date of On My Block Season 3

In April 2019 the series renewed for a third time and Season 3 of On My Block was aired on March 11, 2020. It was not the final or last season as on January 29, 2021 they renewed the series for the last and fourth final season which is expected to be coming in 2022.

On My Block Season 3 Inside the Characters.

Where Can You Stream On My Block Season 3?

You can stream On My Block Season 3 on its official Channel Netflix.

Is On My Block Coming for fourth season?

Yes it is coming for the last and the final season and to read about season 4 of On My Block we have a separate article on Season 4. You can also read On My Block Season 4 on Keeperfacts.

Ratings and Reviews of On My Block Season 3

It receives 91% both Tomato meter rating and Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes and there are some critics reviews on this season while some excellent and good audience reviews are also there.

On my block season 3

Some reviews are that there is a huge dose of reality, humor and the season filled with heart as season 3 is firing on all Cylinders and thriving. Others said that it is the best season and it is a Netflix hit age story. One of the Audience reviews -really loved all the seasons and he wants season 4 of On my Block.

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On IMDb it one said that it is a cute show with some series topics and episode 8 that is chapter no twenty eight is highly rated with 8.7 rating on IMDb having overall rating of 8.0 of season 3 of On My Block.

Last Lines

You can watch all 3 seasons of On My Block on Netflix until the fourth and the last season comes to you. It is an excellent show about a teenage group of four friends who face many challenges in their relationships.