Offshore Development Team in Ukraine for Your Business: Pros & Cons

As a business owner, the idea of offshoring might not be new to you; with the decline in IT talent for many leading countries, outsourcing various development jobs to developers in other regions without diminishing quality is a yes for many business owners or project managers.

A development team is made up of a group of developers that work towards achieving your set goal. In contrast, development teams are present in virtually every region; and most people tend to outsource to developers in Eastern Europe and Africa. Many business owners have taken steps to hire dedicated team in Ukraine, knowing its benefits. In your search for a dedicated development team in Ukraine, you should understand that some factors may not be favorable.

While there are several reasons why you should consider hiring developers in Ukraine based on effectiveness, reduced costs, and time spent on the project, there is also a lot to think about the disadvantages of this easy way out.

Why You Should Hire Dedicated Team Ukraine

  • Scalability:

An advantage that hiring a development team in Ukraine offers to you as a business owner is how units of development are easy to scale compared to when you hire a group of in-house developers for your new project.

Scalability means that depending on the needs of your project; you can add more hands to a project that needs more people or also remove developers that are not required for a project at that particular time; you can not quickly do this with an in-house team as it would require a lot of processes; not being able to remove some developers from your team would imply paying for services that are not offered.

  • Reduced Costs:

One significant advantage that getting an offshore development team in Ukraine allows you to benefit from as a business owner is a reduction in the cost of development. The cost of hiring developers in Ukraine and other Eastern European or Asian countries is considerably lower than the cost of setting up an in-house team of developers in your country. There are also added costs of building a suitable infrastructure that would not be required for an offshore team.

  • High-quality Service:

A benefit of working with a team of developers from Ukraine, especially if you hire from a company that provides offshore development services, is that you get to deal with a group of professionals with experience, meaning that you get the best quality of development services.

Disadvantages of an offshore development team in Ukraine

  • Time zone difference:

The difference in time zone between the hiring company and the offshore developers from Ukraine can pose a problem when the teams decide to work together. Different time zones would mean different working hours, and this might make communication between the two parties difficult. Hence, many companies would instead work with an onshore team of developers to circumvent this.

  • Language barriers:

Another major disadvantage of hiring an offshore development team in Ukraine is the language barrier which can cause a huge communication gap. While possible, there is a greater chance that your offshore developers do not communicate well in your language. Except if you are willing to employ the services of a translator, this might be a problem for your business.

  • Need for ongoing management:

To get the desired result, you have to check in with the team from time to time. Checking in constantly does not mean a lack of trust in the developers’ abilities; it is just a need for effective communication. While constant check-ins are necessary, keeping up with the development process might be tedious.


Hiring an offshore development team in Ukraine is an excellent idea for many business owners as it helps them circumvent tiring development processes that will cost a lot of money and time; outsourcing to an offshore team would help you focus on more primary assignments while you let the team handle others.

However, when you hire dedicated team in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that all your development problems are solved, as some disadvantages come with getting an offshore team. As a business owner, you must consider the Pros and Cons of working with a dedicated team from Ukraine.