October Faction Season 2: Cast, Release Date, Plot and much more

October Faction Season 2 will consist of ten episodes that will be aired online on Netflix. Pilot episode starting on January 20th, 2022.

The series is a drama produced by James Thorpe. First time TV series was aired at the Netflix media services provider on January 23rd, 2020. It has 10 episodes in the premiere season. Tamara Taylor starred in the television series as Deloris Allen. The entire show is built on a comic. 

October Faction Season 2

October Faction Season 2 is expected to have drama and a lot of mystery along with the hunt for monsters. The high school spice is also part of the show but one cannot ignore the fact that the first season was a little boring on a lot of accounts which we will give you a full review about while being positive about the upcoming season.

Cast and Characters

Tamara Taylor  plays Deloris and JC MacKenzie (The Wolf of Wall Street) plays Fred. Aurora Burghard (Sex Education) and Gabriel Darku (Impulse) play Viv and Geoff. 

Wendy Crewson (Room), Megan Follows (Reign) and Stephen McHattie (Watchmen) also appeared in the first season.

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Creator of the show : Damian Kindler

Composer : Tim Welch 

Producers: Mohamad El Masri, John Calvert

Cinematography : Mirosław Baszak

Production companies: High Park Entertainment, IDW Entertainment, Plastic Hallway Productions West

Plot and Review

October Faction is a comic adaptation because, which is expected to become an addictive narrative after the success of most comic book adaptations which involve a thrill of certain sorts. These adaptations include the Umbrella Academy and Riverdale which have turned out to be a great venture. And let’s not forget the comic book giants of DC and Marvel that always create a positive anticipation in the minds of the audience.

October Faction Season 2

With all this data, it is inevitable that October Faction will also create the same compelling narrative that will tempt the audience to have an obsession for its specific universe which involves the main protagonists, Fred and Deloris Allen to hide their identities as  globetrotting monster hunters in upstate New York where they have shifted with their two children – Geoff and Viv.

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The first season was not a huge success and was a half baked story which could have involved more monster hunting to make it more interesting. The family secret and the thrill is always a plus but only if the makers increase the quality of the content pertaining to the ordinary storyline of yet another comic book adaptation. 

The show expects a lot of perseverance on the viewer’s part because of how incredibly slow it is. It creates a universe of itself but rather ends up indulging into the trope of high school drama and ends up berating its own narrative by confusing everyone. 

October Faction Season 2

As October Faction season 1 reaches its climax, the Allen children learn the truth about their heritage, while Fred and Deloris are seemingly separated forever. 

Conclusion and Expectation 

 According to showrunner Damian Kindler, October Faction season 2 on Netflix will further explore the backstory of  the mysterious man-machine Dante (Calvin Desautels). Even after the underwhelming reviews of the first season, there is hope that the second season might redeem the unfounded glory of the amazing cast which wasn’t able to deliver good performances in the previous season because of an underdeveloped script.

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But the silver lining here is that the show has the potential to become binge worthy for a certain demographic that has the patience to let the story guide them wherever it wants without passing judgement but that is usually impossible.