Octavi Pujades was sent to the hospital “on a drip” when he turned fifty.

Octavi Pujaldes’s journey towards 50 has begun “regularly”. The actor, who is well-known for his parts in television shows like Centro Médico and Al salir de clase, disclosed on social media that he was admitted to the hospital.

“My fifties are off to a mediocre start. It turns out that my flesh around my hips began to itch and hurt last week. Blisters appeared, and my skin became red. Shingles “she announce.

The actor uploads multiple photos from various points throughout his hospital stay on his Instagram account. “Things have progressed, the pain and discomfort have increased and I ended up in the hospital hooked up to a tramadol drip to calm the bug,” he writes.

For example, the medication drip, her partner’s reaction to the needles, and the blood or damaged area on her body are all visible in them, but pixelated “so as not to hurt sensitivities.” “They have given me a stronger treatment, let’s see if this will improve things ,” she says.

The illness known as shingles is brought on by the chickenpox virus reactivating and producing skin blisters. The reason why some patients have this illness and others do not, however, remains unclear. (Source)

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