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Survival Games has its own craze nowadays and when we talk about Ark, the game has its own separated fan base since 2017. It is basically a video game which is developed by Wildcard and Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement.  The game has a number of resources in it, from the list of the resource package today we have decided to talk about the Obsidian Ark, so let’s get started…

Obsidian ARK

What Is Obsidian?

Before talking about the Obsidian Ark resource, let’s talk about what “Obsidian” actually is…  It is basically a very-very rare resource found under the earth’s surface in the game, so if you ever find this then think of yourself as the luckiest player. It is used to make modern tech by simply breaking it. The weight of the Obsidian can also get decreased while they came in contact with Ravager, Argentavis, and Dunkleosteus.

Obsidian ARK


Type Resource
Rarity Uncommon
Renewable Yes
Renewable No
Combustible No


Weight 1.0
Stack Size 100 / 5000


Used to craft 21 items

Hexagon Exchange

Exchange Yields 5 Pieces
Hexagons Hexagon Icon.png 180

Obsidian ARK-

Obsidian Ark is a resource that is present in Survival Evolved. It could be found in a small ratio or higher ratio depending upon its stable environment.

There is a note for the players that if you are thinking to gather the Obsidian from the Doedicurus then you are not able to gather all of them together. You can give yourself the Obsidian by simply using the command- admin cheat summons 142.

Talking about the Best Dino for Obsidian then I must recommend you to go with Ankylosaurus because Obsidian is basically found under the soil, so by using this you can easily dig that but if you have no Dino( ankylosaurus) then a Metal Pick or a Mantis with the metal surface can also work best for you. 

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Obsidian ARK

Where We Can Find Obsidian ARK?

You can find the Obsidian at some rare places on the Island as it could be on the slope of The Frozen Tooth and the Far’s Peak. Not only for the colder regions, but it is also available at the peak of the Volcano.

It is also available in dark caves. To know the more exact location of the Obsidian then you need to follow the Strategic Resource Map.

Survival Evolved Features-

For those who haven’t played the game yet but heard about this so many times and now they are willing to play the game once, then here we have a short description of the game.

Starting from the back you’ll see a man and woman standing in the cold region without wearing a single cloth or simply we can say- naked. It seems like they get trapped in the Ark island with no food.

In order to survive the players have to kill the dinosaurs and other creatures. The way they improve their health, their level get increases. The game is quite good to play we have mentioned the game features, have a quick recap of them too.

  • Dinosaurs, Creatures, & Breeding!
  • Over 100+ creatures can be tamed
  • Capture the prey
  • Food Items are available
  • A simple way to get a level-up
  • Dynamic ecosystem life-cycle
  • Snow-capped mountains
  • You can also raise babies

This is it we have covered everything in this post that you might be looking for but still if we have missed something that you are willing to ask us then comment down your queries. And if you are facing any problem while finding the Obsidian ark or accessing the Survival evolved then let me know to give you an instant reply.

Hope you find our post helpful, stay tuned for more 🙂

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