NZXT Cam! Free System Monitoring Software.

NZXT Cam is free of cost system monitoring software. It helps you in managing the temperature, performance, and other aspects of your PC from a single application. NZXT Cam is one of the best Gaming PC monitoring application know, it’s efficient, fast, and easy to use, it allows you to control every aspect of your PC.

Tracking Every Aspect of Your PC

NZXT Cam allows seeing what your PC is doing every second, from bandwidth consumption to processor load, everything. You can see which application is using which part of your computer. You can easily track any issues and ensure that you are getting the optimal performance out of your PC. If you are interested in games I suggest you check our game category.

Features You get in NZXT Cam

Game Sync

You can set the mode of your PC according to the game you are playing. You can set your fans and lights to change colors whenever you launch one of your thousands of supported games. Make your PC match the colors of the game, or turn off the lights for a competitive mode, or make your lights respond to in-game sound, etc.

Smart Scheduling

You can customize the behavior of your lights and fans according to different times of the day. Set the lights to turn on slowly as the day begins & to turn off automatically at bedtime, set your cooling device to run on a higher power in the afternoon when the temperature is too high.


In-Game Monitoring

The most important aspect of a gaming PC is in-game performance. With the help of NZXT Cam, you can track your FPS, bandwidth, temperature, and more with the low-impact, super-stable in-game overlay feature.

in-game monitoring

SUPPORTED FEATURES: * Current FPS * CPU/GPU Temperature * Battery Level           * CPU/GPU load  * Time Played *ETC


Profile Sync is a brand new feature which is introduced in December 2020. Profile Sync make gives you access to set your CAM profiles to update automatically when a game is launched or according to certain times in a day. This means that you don’t need to change the settings of your computer’s lighting and cooling behaviour manually through CAM, it will happen automatically to meet your needs.


How to use Profile Sync?

To access Profile Sync, go to the settings panel you can find the Profile Sync tab on left.

Now, click on the “Add Profile” option present at top of the drop-down. Start by adding profiles of games you play.


Next, you have to add an auto-lunch option to the profile. You have to do it when you select “with the game” you can select from your recently played games, or you can search the application (NZXT Cam) database of thousands of supported games to add.

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At last, you have to select the desired profile for your cooling device and lighting.


Now when you are done with the process, you can see a new drop-down at the top of the page, you can also select any Profile Sync configuration from this drop-down even if the conditions for them aren’t true.

NZXT Cam Download

Frequently Asked Questions

What does NZXT Cam do?

NZXT Cam is a free system monitoring software that helps you in managing the temperature, performance, and other aspects of your PC.

Is NZXT Cam legit?

Yes, NZXT Cam is legit software but there are a lot of questions regarding its performance.

Is NZXT Cam bad?

There are number of customer reviews that give NZXT Cam a very terrible reputation. But according to me it one of the best software in its domain.

Is NZXT Cam free?

It is free of cost system monitoring software created by NZXT.


According to me, NZXT Cam is one of the best System monitoring software not just because it helps in managing the performance, temperature, and other aspects of your PC. But it also gives you features by which you can control the behavior of your PC lights and the colling device according to different times of the day. And one doesn’t need to do it manually, once you are done with the settings in Smart Scheduling it will happen automatically.

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