Nurse Jackie Season 8: Confirmed Or Not? Latest Updates

Nurse Jackie was a popular dark comic drama and it ended in 2015. But there are still many fans that are trying to figure out if there will ever be a follow-up? With the series ended on a Cliffhanger, giving the audience to open their perception to what can possibly happen in the future, was it a sign? 

The American drama debuted first on 8 June 2009 and released its seventh season in 2015. Season 7 was the last and final season of the series but the fans are still not satisfied with the ending and want to know if there is any chance of Jackie surviving. Revolves around the life of a medical student, who later took a job as an emergency nurse in the city hospital.

Being drug-addicted, Jackie wasn’t living the best of her life and kept trying to balance every part of it as much as she could. Her messed-up life came to an end in 2015, where the fans saw her for the last time. 

With the ending of the seventh season, the show received much appreciation from the people. The unexpected ending made the audience think if there will be a possible season 8? In this article, we’ll be going to see if there is any chance of the famous medical drama series to get renewed. Keep reading to find everything you need. 

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Nurse Jackie Season 7 – What happened in the end?

Nurse Jackie season 8

Season 7 premiered on 12 April 2015 and it shows Jackie’s life getting more miserable after getting caught. She was sent to jail and later hired a lawyer to help her free and get her job back at the All set. While the audience thought the seventh season might give their hopes back and the show would end happily, it wasn’t. 

Sometimes, all we want is a happy ending and the idea of closing the show for its finale might be different in every person. And the writers of Nurse Jackie weren’t fans of a happy ending. The most anticipated show which has already been awarded multiple awards was coming to an end and we thought that things will go okay with her.

She was sent to rehab and I just figured out that maybe she’ll be all good back again. Her addiction to cocaine decreased and all her traumatic behavior was slowly getting into her own hands. Now, we were seeing a grown, patient, and more stable Jackie. But the season finale brought some other spices to the story. 

The show ended with Jackie taking her life (well that’s what some people agree and might disagree with). There are still many things left to be solved and a follow-up will help. There is still confusion if Jackie really died or it’s just a plan or something else. 

Is Jackie dead at the end of Nurse Jackie?

Nurse Jackie

In the last episode of season 7, we saw Jackie counting her final breath and she was nearly coming to her end. Nurse Jackie, who is a drug addict, lays on the floor of the hospital and seems to be dead or perhaps not. 

It was some sort of suspense that the creators have created in her role and we couldn’t figure out if she was actually dead or just an overdose. In a report, it was later revealed that the ending was made in such a way that it completely lies on the eye of the watchers that how he/she wants to take it. 

I would also appreciate the star, Falco, who played the role of Nurse Jackie. Her ending performance was so great that it makes the watchers think about it up to this date. Well, the question regarding Jackie’s death would always be a wonder in the head of the fans. But the actress surely got the desirable achievement i.e. Best Actress Emmy for her amazing performance in Nurse Jackie. 

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Nurse Jackie Season 8 – Is it going to happen?

Nurse Jackie season 8

The seventh season was announced to be the last and final season of the series and after that, there wasn’t much revealed from the official site. However, the rumors never stopped their way to make the audience believe about season 8. With the show ending on a suspense note, the fans started to believe that there is much room for another season. 

But the creators never said anything to make it officially confirmed. The idea of season 8 isn’t confirmed till now and it’s been more than 5 years. If the creators wanted to make a follow-up, that would have been released till now. 

The Medical drama has officially ended and there will be no more story of Nurse Jackie and her collapsed life. 

Nurse Jackie – What will it be about?

If there will be season 8 of Nurse Jackie then it will surely end the suspense of her death. In the last episodes, we saw that Jackie has again taken the drugs and is desperately running for the need of Heroin on the street. She then saw a hallucination that she was finally out of her traumatic hospital and now doing yoga in the time square. She started to realize that this was her final day and the end is near. 

Thinking of all these made her collapse on the ground and we saw people rushing to save her and doctors and nurses taking her to the emergency room. Now whether she is dead or not is still suspense to the people. The writer has said that they have left this up to the thinking of the audience. 

If there will be season 8, we will finally see whether Nurse Jackie was really dead or the doctors saved her life. Till now, there are no such updates regarding the upcoming season and if it will ever happen, I’ll let you know. 

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