Noragami Season 3: When it will Air Out ?

Anime fever increases by the day, and programs such as ‘Noragami’ keep anime viewers wholly absorbed. The anime series ‘Noragami,’ also known as Stray God, is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Adachitoka, also known as Stray God.

noragami season 3

Fans of the anime series ‘Noragami’ have already fallen in love with the first two seasons, and they are eager to learn when the third season will be released. The first season, which had a total of 12 episodes, premiered on January 5, 2014, and the second season, which was titled Noragami Aragoto, ran in Japan from October 2, 2015, to December 25, 2015, with a total of 12 episodes. The second season, on the other hand, consisted of 13 episodes. Discover everything we know about the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead.

What is the Plot of the Third Season of ‘Noragami’?

For assuming what will happen in the third season, it is necessary to understand what happened in the previous seasons. Hiyori Iki is a high school girl whose life is flipped upside down after getting into an accident while trying to help a stranger. Her soul is pulled from her body in the accident, and she is turned into Ayakashi, which means she is conscious of two parallel universes.

As a result, she acquires a one-of-a-kind ability that allows her to go to both ends of the universe regularly, including the afterlife (far Shore), where human souls and demons remain, and the human world (near Shore), where animals, ordinary people, and other species reside.

On her journey from one corner of the globe to another, Hiyori Iki meets and becomes friends with Yato, a god who refuses to be named. He is raising funds to construct his temple, where humanity can come to worship him and be blessed by him. Because he does not have his sacred location, he charges mortals a price of five yen for the honour of fulfilling their wishes.

Hiyori expresses her gratitude to him by requesting that he repair her body because she does not enjoy the fact that her soul leaves her body from time to time. She wishes to return to a more normal way of life. Yato, on the other hand, had something else in mind. Hiyori comes face to face with Yukine, who happens to be Yato’s Regalia. Soon after, the three of them become excellent friends, and they embark on several exciting excursions as a group.

noragami season 3

Yato’s full identity and tragic past will be revealed in the third season, which will air in 2019. Aside from that, the guy who kisses Hiyoru seems to be Yato’s father himself. As a result, it should be no surprise that the third season will focus on Yato’s connection with his father.

After killing his first family, Bishamon forgives him, and Yato dreams of becoming a god with millions of devotees worldwide. He quickly begins to amass a group of supporters. On the other hand, Nora is pursuing him to exact revenge. Nora was her previous Regalia, and she is her current Regalia.

On the other hand, Yato is entirely unaware of Nora’s heinous side. As a result, he now has a new adversary. Using the Phantoms to benefit the entire world, Ebisu, the God of Fortune, has been proclaimed a felon. All of the gods are dissatisfied with his actions and intend to assassinate him. Yukine assists Yato in his quest to become the god of fortune.

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What Actors and Actresses Will be Appearing in Noragami Season 3?

If “Noragami” is ever renewed for a third season, fans may already anticipate what they will see from the program’s voice cast if the show is ever renewed. Unless a big change affects the show’s cast, actor Hiroshi Kamiya will continue to be cast in the role of Yato in the show’s third season, according to Deadline (via Myanimelist). Yukine will continue to be played by Yuki Kaji, while Maaya uchida will continue to portray Yato’s companions Hiyori and Yukine, respectively.

These three major characters are played by actors such as Jason Liebrecht, Bryn Appril, and Micha Solusod in the English dub, and they will most likely remain intact if a third season of “Noragami” is ever made available. Unfortunately, it is not known when the English translation of the original will be made available in comparison to the original version. In typically, episodes of English dubs are released several weeks behind their original counterparts, which means that English fans may have to wait a little longer than the rest of the world for season 3.

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When Will the Third Season of ‘Noragami’ Premiere?

Unfortunately, neither Studio BONES nor any of “Noragami’s” distributors (primarily, Funimation) have made any announcements on the renewal of a third season of the series. It’s not even clear whether or not there are plans for a third season of BONES in the works.

noragami season 3

Aside from being one of the most well-known studios in the industry, the studio is always working on a number of projects that are split among its numerous teams, such as the latest “Godzilla: Singular Point.”

Even if BONES is intending to make a third season of “Noragami,” it would be impossible to tell how far away a release date for the season is without some form of announcement or trailer. Fortunately, we do know that the “Noragami” manga is light years ahead of its animated counterpart in terms of development, which means that BONES will have an abundance of source material to pull from if they ever chose to continue with the series.

Fans will have to rely on such manga to get by until then, as it is the only way they will be able to enjoy the rest of the story in the foreseeable future.

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