Noise Ending Explained: Did Julia Finally Meet Ger?


Natalia Beristain's “Noise” is a film about a mother's frantic hunt for her lost kid. After nine months, the police still haven't located Ger. As time went by, Julia realised that the chances of finding Ger alive diminished. She hoped someone in power would listen to her concerns, but instead she found resistance.

In the past nine months, the prosecutor had been replaced thrice. Over and over again, Julia had to explain the circumstances behind her daughter's disappearance to different prosecutors. She desperately sought resolution, but no one seemed willing or able to address her concerns.


Julia met other women on her search for her missing daughter who shared her experiences. She found solace, encouragement, and inspiration in them. She summoned her resolve to advocate for her daughter and the thousands of other girls who were still away from home.

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Noise Ending Explained


Prosecutor Rodriguez cautioned Julieta Egurrola to watch who she associates with, saying that she, too, was on the list of suspects. It came as a shock to Julia to learn that the authority was not helping the regular people, but rather intimidating and disappearing those who were sincerely trying to help. Rodriguez understood Julia had good reason to be dissatisfied, yet he still wanted her to see a jailed cartel member.

Noise Ending Explained

They thought he might have information about Ger because of his proximity to the area where she disappeared. After Julia showed him photos of Ger, he said that she and her friends had been targeted because the cocaine they had been using was not provided by their cartel.

He then stated that the fact that she was attractive gave them even more incentive to get rid of her. He told Julia she should stop looking for Ger since there was nothing she could do to find her.

When Julia finally made it outside, she was a wreck. What was being said was beyond her comprehension. Hundreds of women, she saw, had assembled to voice their disapproval of the government's failure to stop the cartels from carrying out random acts of violence.

They shouted out in support of the people whose loved ones had gone missing and whose families were desperately trying to locate them. Their outrage was directed at the Mexican government for not doing enough to safeguard the country's female citizens. Julia's disappointment, anger, and anguish all found a voice in the protest. She had to be heard; she could no longer scream in vain.

Noise Ending Explained

Did Julia Finally Meet Ger?

As the police moved in on the throng, Julia went into a building where the demonstrators had taken refuge. During the turmoil that ensued after the police entered the premises and began attacking the protesters, Julia was hurt. She fell to the ground and saw a hand reach down to pick her up. Having followed the masked woman, she found herself at the same grassy area where Julia had frequently visited in her daydreams.

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It was her sanctuary, where she could let her guard down and scream her heart out without worrying about anyone hearing her. The woman took off her disguise and saw her daughter Ger for the first time. When Julia was hurt, she tried to reassure herself by seeing her daughter by her side.

In this final chain of events, Julia finally reunites with her daughter, but at the cost of her own life. She and her daughter are reunited in a place where Julia can keep her daughter safe from danger in her mind. In her mind, she was able to find resolution and rest.

People Missing in Mexico

The citizens of this country are rising up in “Noise” to protest cartels and the government. The movie claims that there are now more than 90,000 persons listed as missing in Mexico. The increasing number of reported missing persons in Mexico has prompted the formation of community-based organisations tasked with spearheading nationwide and regional searches for the missing.

Noise Ending Explained

They were looking for solace in the form of decaying, dismembered corpses. Armed forces were dispatched to confront drug cartels after the government declared a “war on drugs,” and cartels retaliated by unleashing extreme violence on the general populace.

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What Exactly Occurred With Ger?

The individual who was apprehended by the police is a member of a narcotics cartel. Julia engages him in direct conversation and inquires as to whether or not he has seen her daughter. She informs him about herself while displaying images of herself to him. He takes an interest in what she has to say and advises her that it is a waste of time to look for him.

When Julia asks him why, he explains to her that she and some of her pals had been sniffing cocaine that did not belong to them, which is why they took her. And moreover due to the fact that she was pretty.

The comments of the member of the cartel give a strong suggestion that she was raped and murdered by them, despite the fact that it is still unknown what exactly happened to her.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stream It?

Noise Movie is currently able to stream on Netflix.

Who Directed the Movie?

Natalia Beristain is the director of the drama/thriller film “Noise,” which was released on 11 January 2023.

Why Did the Women Form the Group?

The mothers of the missing gathered to share their pain and search for their children. They have organized a protest movement against the government.