Nocturnal Animals Release Date: All You Know so Far

This 2016 film may or may not be among the best, but it is surely one of the most intriguing. Or maybe I should say least boring. If I come across that way, I’m confused. A modest bit, to be sure. “Nocturnal Animals” is a work that is meant to stay with you for a while, but it is also a work of great, obvious skill.

Indeed, writer/director Tom Ford delivers his ideas with such passion at times that you’d think he’d be upset if a viewer wasn’t at least moderately angered by the film.

What Would Be the Release Date of Nocturnal Animals?

Nocturnal Animals had its global premiere at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival on September 2, 2016. The film was also exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2016, and the BFI London Film Festival on October 14, 2016. The film premiered in theatres on November 23, 2016.

Nocturnal Animals Release Date: All You Know so Far

Who Will Appear in this Season?

  • Amy Adams plays Susan Morrow, a wealthy Los Angeles citizen who owns an art gallery.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal plays Edward Sheffield, the playwright and Susan’s split ex-husband.
  • Armie Hammer plays Hutton Morrow, Susan’s second husband who has ignored her.
  • Zawe Ashton, Susan’s daughter, plays Alex, a receptionist.
  • Neil Jackson, a young coworker, plays Christopher.
  • Kristin Bauer van Straten, Susan’s assistant, plays Samantha Van Helsing.
  • Sage Ross is played by Susan’s young employee Jena Malone.
  • Christopher is portrayed by Neil Jackson.

Trailer For the Nocturnal Animals

What About the Plotline?

Susan has a date with Edward. In contrast to his emotional intensity, she is focused on material things. Despite this, they find love and decide to get married. He’s a want-to-be author who’s never made it big. Susan is not confident in Edward’s abilities. In the end, she chooses an attractive businessman over him.

On top of that, she decides to terminate Edward’s pregnancy. Edward cannot be comforted. Years pass. Her current life is luxurious yet meaningless. The couple’s spouse has been cheating on her. In the form of a gift, Edward gives the book to her. Tony, his wife, and their small son are in the novel’s main cast of characters. A gang of thugs stops them and follows them around. After robbing Tony of his wife and child, the thug’s rape and kill them.

Tony gets his revenge by killing the murderer with the help of a police officer, Bobby, but he ends up dying too. Susan asks Edward to meet with her so that she can feel less lonely. Edward agrees, but to get back at Susan, he stands her up. The book is a metaphor for how Edward felt when his wife and child were taken away from him. He lets Susan stay sad and alone.

Nocturnal Animals Release Date: All You Know so Far

The opening credits are a shocking way to get people’s attention. Some of the curvy women are almost naked as they wiggle and smile into the webcam like middle-aged burlesque exotic dancers. In the background, music that sounds like it could have been written by Bernard Herrmann is playing.

It turns out that the art project we are seeing at the gallery is one that Susan Morrow (Adams) is in charge of and directs. It is a very extreme representation of everything that our superficial society “doesn’t allow,” but in a very extreme way. It is a criticism of the perfect lives of the rich.

The movie starts with a scene that is pretty strange and not something that many directors do these days. There are fat women with nothing on their chests. Their belly fat follows them everywhere they go. They didn’t seem to feel bad about doing what we think is wrong, and now they just seemed to enjoy it.

Even though their bodies don’t match the standards our society has for us, they are happy with how they look. Their idea of happiness is to go against everything we have come to think of as normal. Some of them are making fun of you by leering at you. Again, this is a rude thing to do.