No More Heroes 3 : Everything you should know


Recently news circulating on the internet that No more Heroes series is going to launch it’s upcoming No More Heroes 3 in the year 2021. It is a hack and slashes video game which is full of action and adventure. Further, the developer and publisher of the game is Grasshopper Manufacture and it is done for Nintendo Switch

No More Heroes 3


Release date of the No More Heroes 3

Postponed of the Game

On 10 September 2020, it was announced that the game will be postponed to next year. It is because of the ongoing pandemic across the world. The Grasshopper founder and game director Goichi Suda tweeted on Twitter to announce about the delayed of No more Heroes 3.


He tweeted –

All staff members at Grasshopper have been working as hard as possible on developing the game in hopes of releasing it in 2020, but the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have unfortunately proven to be a real body blow to our schedule, causing unforeseen delays in development,”

The game was first announced to launch at 2019 with many fans getting excited about it. The long-awaited game contains a lot of hopes of people.

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Release date

Now the game will be released on the upcoming year 2021 with no officially announced date. Rumours suspecting it to release on somewhere between March- April but we can’t say anything till the official announcement.

Except for the postponed news, nothing officially is released till date about the Game-play of the game. It is too soon to announce anything regarding the topic.

No More Heroes 3

What will be the Game-play of No More Heroes 3?

The director of the game said –

“It’s going to be bloodier, more intense battles between assassins it’s going to be kind of like The Avengers – Thanos levels of crazy villains”

They further added that this time they have focused more on fighting with the aliens rather than focusing on rising of the centre assassin. He claims that the battle will be quite similar to what we have seen in Marvel Movies and at the same time it will be on a large scale.

Travis who is the protagonist of the game is a simple man. And we can see him doing the regular activities likewise he used to do Part-time jobs. As for Game-play, he will use his all-time Travis gloves which he previously used to wear and they are the Center part of the Game-play.

The Storyline behind this Game!

FU meets Damon Riccitiello

A game with a Story is what everyone needs.


So it started Eight years before the actual start of the series. A young boy whose name is Damon Riccitiello went to launch his rocket in the air during night time. He tried a lot but failed several times. After so many failed attempt, he sees something crash is down into the woods. In order see what has happened, he encounters an injured small alien named FU.

Due to the kind nature of him, Damon decides to take care of FU while hiding him from people. He later found out that the Government and government agents are also searching for him so due to this reason he gets more careful of it. Damon started to find ways so that he can send him back to his planet. While doing this, Damon and FU become best friends and at the same time forming a strong Bond.

Damon found a small piece alien technology at FU’s crash site and because of it he was filled with alien powers and assists FU in building a space ship. Further he decide to send him back to his home planet. At the last time they say goodbye to each other.

Their friendship gets stronger as the time passes and we all cry because of FU getting back to his home. He promised to Damon that he’ll return to earth in 20 years and finally goes home just carefully not getting in hands government agents who attempted to capture him.

FU return to earth

No More Heroes 3

Twenty years later, You see an adult Damon who is now the CEO of Utopinia which is an urban renewal company. Furthermore, they were utilizing FU’s alien technology to become a powerful business magnate in the world.

Meanwhile, a huge space ship shaped like a pyramid appears below the ship where Damon is, and inside from spaceship a group of nine aliens descends from it, one of them revealing to be FU.

Awaiting a happy reunion both of their face lit up. FU, who is most importantly now a prince of his kingdom and in a more humanoid adult form, told Damon that the eight others aliens are his friends who he met in the Black hole Prison where he was exiled to for annihilating a neighboring planet and likewise to revealing to Damon that he intends on conquering the Earth with Damon’s help.

On the other hand, Damon get scared listening to all this. FU and his other friends decide they will utilise super heroism as their means of world domination and will capture the Earth. Now the Former top-ranked assassin in the UAA Travis Touchdown returns to Santa Destroy from his self-imposed exile.

In the meantime when he learn about the situation, he must face off against with those Aliens and this legion of super-powered beings from outer space who tried to capture it.

Let’s see what happens in the upcoming game?

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Introduction with the Characters of the game

• Travis Touchdown

First and foremost, The Main protagonist of the game who is now 39 years old in the upcoming latest series No More Heroes 3. He is anti-hero. He was 27 years of old when we first saw him . Travis Touchdown is an American Assassin.

He lives in a Motel named NO MORE HEROES with his kitten Jeane. Travis gave his kitten this name because of his lost love. The main protagonist of the game have a interest in Japanese pro wrestler and on Anime and video games and he is cruel and rude in nature, especially towards male assassin afterall this is what real assassin do! His character is displays as a decent and kind behavior whenever he is not in job.

• FU

No More Heroes 3

Talking about the second lead, an alien who is antagonist of the game belongs to other planet which is unknown to us. FU is now a price of his kingdom. He is the friend of Damon Riccitiello and returned to Earth with his friends for the purpose of capturing it.

His famous dialogue was “I’m a goddamn superhero.”

No honey! You are not.

• Damon Riccitiello

No More Heroes 3

Last but not the least, The old childhood friend of FU who helped him to rescue from the earth and saved him from the government agents. After 20 years, he became the CEO of Utopinia. He was the main antagonist of the Travis Strikes back.

To summarise all this, NO MORE HEROES 3 will definitely going to be a different from other game with everything changing and at the same time every character getting older. It will be fun to play this!