Nisekoi Anime Characters: Ending Explained

Did you scratch your hair while watching Nisekoi anime? And kept juggling between the options, who was the princess of Raku’s dream? Well, read till the end to have clarity.

Well, Nothing is more pleasing than watching romantic comedy anime for teenagers and others as well. Nisekoi in Japanese and Nisekoi: False Love in English is such anime that first premiered on January 11, 2014, in Japan. It is based on the manga series having an identical title. After immense success in Japan, the showrunners have released it in other parts of the world. The romantic comedy anime and its characters grabbed a special place in the hearts of viewers. However, some viewers have doubts about the climax of season 2. Well, read more to understand.

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Nisekoi Characters

Raku Ichijo

Chitoge Kirisaki

Shu Maiko

Ruri Miyamoto

Seishiro Tsugumi

Marika Tachibana 


Paula McCoy


Haru Onodera


Suzu Ayakaji


Yui Kanakura 


The Summary of Nisekoi: Ending Explained

The anime follows love and friendship among a group of teenage students. The story starts with Raku, who secretly promised a girl to marry her in childhood. The girl gave him a locket for which she possessed the key to identifying him when they would come to age. The whole story revolve aroud the above arc.

Raku grew as a sweet, kind, and handsome teenage boy and had numerous girls around him. He had his childhood friend Kosaki Onodera, who was from a baker’s family. Initially, they seemed like friends, but later it was revealed that Kosaki had a crush on Raku from middle school. She was not a brilliant student, but study hard to take admission in Raku’s school. Later, Raku also developed feeling for her.

However, Raku’s life changes when Chitoge Kirisaki entered his life. She was the daughter of the leader of Beehive Gangsters.

They initially did not like her because Raku made fun of her. However, they become a couple to avoid the conflicts between their family, although fake ones. Gradually, they started liking each other. However, Raku developed feeling for both Chitoge and Kosaki. Initially, Kosaki was timid to confess her feeling to Raku. However, she ultimately did. But it was too late. Raku realized he actually loves Chitoge more than anyone.


While all those were happening, Raku continued thinking about his childhood girl to whom he promised to marry. He wanted to fulfill his childhood promise. He continued to have flashbacks of the girl throughout the series. We saw several girls possessed the key to his locket.
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The showrunners have made confused the viewers who actually were the girl of Raku’s dream. If we go by the flashbacks of Raku, it seemed she was Chitoge. Chitoge was the only girl with long hair in childhood, and the girl in Raku’s flashback also had long hair. But to our surprise, she was Kosaki. Kosaki was the actual girl he promised to marry. Nonetheless, he married Chitoge in the end.



Final Words

The Nisekoi ending left the viewers with shock and surprise. Few viewers did hate the ending of the series. According to them, the showrunners beautifully developed the chemistry between Raku and Kosaki and just ended it just like that. They wanted to see Raku and Kosaki as a couple. But I don’t think so. An intriguing turn has made the series even better.
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