Nick Kroll Dating History: What is Harry Styles and Nick Kroll’s Kiss Controversy?


Many individuals are currently searching for Nick Kroll's dating history. Before going any further, let's look at what he is well-known for. He was formerly known as Nicholas Kroll and is a talented actor.

Due to the success of his sketch comedy television series, Kroll Show, he has significantly increased in fame. Big Mouth, The Oh, Hello Show, The League, My Blind Brother, At Home with Amy Sedaris, What We Do in the Shadows, Human Resources, etc. are some of his other well-known works.


Not to overlook the fact that Nick Kroll makes a fantastic voice actor. The Addams Family, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and other shows are among those that include his voice. We will cover Nick Kroll's present relationship status, his previous romances, and much more in this post.

Nick Kroll Current Relationship Status

After meeting Lily Kwong on the dating app Raya in 2018, Nick began dating her. Since the membership-based app is primarily known as a celeb dating app, it is seen as being ultra-exclusive.


She was still carrying their first child when they got engaged in October 2020 and married in November 2020. He shared a photo of their wedding day along with a comment on Instagram in November of that year, expressing his gratitude for her.

In January 2021, the couple gave birth to their son Leo. Lily has offered a few peeks of what motherhood has been like for her so far on Instagram, if you take a look.


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Nick Kroll's Past Relationships

Nick Kroll has dated a few ladies in the business so far, garnering media attention over the years. His love life has consistently been the topic of conversation, just like his professional releases. However, neither of those partnerships endured for very long. They were who? What is known about Nick Kroll's dating past is listed below.

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler comes in first when talking about Nick Kroll's dating history. If it's any help, Amy Poehler is primarily recognized as a well-liked comedian. Her comedies typically fall within the categories of improvisation, sketch, insult, and even bizarre humor. She even hosted SNL for a while due to her skill in this profession.

Not to overlook the fact that Amy is a superb actress. Moxie, Wine Country, A Very Murray Christmas, Upright Citizens Brigade, Parks and Recreation, among other famous roles, are just a few of her acting credits.

Nick Kroll Dating History

Returning to their relationship, Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll made it official in May 2013. When they first started dating, Amy admitted to having a boyfriend who could calm her down. She addressed Nick with that phrase, I suppose. But their relationship was not meant to be.

They eventually split up in 2015. Why? due to schedule conflicts and a lack of quality time spent together. Both parties reportedly gave it their all to make the relationship work. However, nothing that is forced to work.

Kate Micucci

While Kate Micucci is a superb performer in her own right, she is most recognized for being a member of the Garfunkel and Oates comic folk group. Her acting credits, on the other hand, also include roles in Scrubs, Sandy Wexler, Raising Hope, The Big Bang Theory, and Will & Grace.

If Nick Kroll and Kate Micucci ever dated in real life, it remains unknown. However, they were allegedly romantically involved in 2009 while collaborating on a miniseries. The role of his assistant was played by her on The Nick'z Big Show.

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Did Harry Styles and Nick Kroll Have a Kiss?

Around the debut of Harry Styles‘ album Don't Worry Darling, a lot of controversy has been developing.
Harry planted a kiss on Nick's mouth during the Venice Film Festival screening, which raises even more questions about the film.

Harry grabbed Nick and gave him a kiss as the audience gave the movie a four-minute standing ovation. The kiss between Harry and Nick seemed to have only taken place as a result of the audience's enthusiastic reaction to the film. Harry is still seeing Olivia, while Nick and Lily are still married.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nick Kroll's Estimated Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Nick Kroll is $18 million.

On Big Mouth, How Many Voices Does Nick Kroll Perform?

Co-creator Nick Kroll is one of those folks when it comes to Netflix's Big Mouth; between that and his new spin-off series Human Resources, he now voices roughly 40 different characters in total.

What is the Age of Nick Kroll?

Nick Kroll is 44 years old.