New World All Resource, Maps, and Locations

New World is a popular role-playing title by Amazon Games, which was released in September 2021 after a delay. The previous release date of the game was May 2022, but it was delayed for some unknown reasons. The map of the game is similar to that of America, and it is a fictional land crawling with monsters of all kinds. Form a team of five fighters and join one of the three available servers to start your adventure. A lot of different tasks are available in the game that you can accomplish, such as crafting, fighting, resources gathering, exploration, defeating monsters, and completing quests.

The game doesn’t feature an auto-locking feature for combat, so you have to aim your attacks in the right direction to deal damage and defeat enemies. Achieve this with hard work and practice. As you progress through levels in the game, the complexity of the combat will also increase, and stronger enemies will attack you. Stamina, mana, and health are some stats that you have to manage to perform better in the fight. Time your attacks, dodge and block enemy attacks, stealthily attack enemies from the back, and regain health to stay longer in the battle.


You will be exploring Aeternum, and it is quite a big area, so you need a map to reach your destination quickly and save time. A large number of different resources are also required in the game, and finding them without a map is a nightmare. Getting their hands on a map that shows the most information is the first goal of most adventurers. You may not think, but you need these maps if you want to earn New World Gold. Below are all the available New World Interactive maps that you can use to deal with the game content single-handedly.

All New World Interactive Resource Maps

For now, there are only three maps available for New World, and each map shows information about different things such as resources, quests, NCPs, and enemies.

  • Official Map of New World
  • Mapgenie
  • New World-Map

Official Map of New World

official new world resource map

As the name suggests, this is the official map of the game, and it is very different compared to other available types. In terms of aesthetics, the map is exceptional and shows you details information about different areas of the game when you hover the cursor over it. It is very detailed with the best graphics. Click on a location to open a new page with all the necessary information about that location.

New World-Map

new worldmap resource map

This map is more helpful compared to the official New World map because you can get information about resources, chests, documents, points of interest, non-playing characters, etc. The map also shows the exact coordinates based on the location of the cursor on the map so you can save it for later use. If you are not sure what you are looking for in the game, don’t worry and just apply the desired filters from the options given below to view only the desired information on the map.

  • Cities and Others
  • Ores
  • Plants
  • Woods
  • Essences
  • Chests
  • Monsters
  • Documents
  • Fishing
  • NPC
  • Areas
  • Points of interest


mapgine interactive map

Mapgenie is also known as the New World resource map, and this is the best choice if you are short on resources. It also serves as an alternative to the official New World Map due to its features. The map provides a complete breakdown of locations according to all the available resources in the game. With Mapgenie, you will find whatever you are looking for in a short time. You can find a large number of different resources such as Locations, Loot, Enemies, Animals, Minerals, Resources, Fungi, Motes, and various other Collectibles. You can keep track of custom locations as well as add new locations to the map with a few clicks.

How to find resources in New World?

As you already know, the New World features many resources, and you have to gather and refine them to get the most out of them. To gather each resource type, you need a specific type of skill. There are also level requirements that you have to meet before the game allows you to collect specific resources. These level requirements are ridiculous, and this example will give you a better idea about them. You can start collecting silver from the game map at level ten, but you need a minimum of level thirty-five to track it. The same is the case with all the other available resources.

If you have already unlocked the skill and upgraded it to the given level, the locations of these resources will appear on the built-in radar at the top of the screen. This is just half of the task, as you now need a different map type to get the locations of these resources. Some resources require a gathering tool, while you can collect others with the help of crafting skills as well. Here are all the available resources with their relevant skills and some free resources.


These are the base resources that you can gather from the game map. You need tools to gather some of them while others can be gathered with bare hands.

  • Stone — Mining
  • Ore — Mining
  • Animal Hide — Skinning
  • Wood — Logging
  • Fruit — Harvesting
  • Vegetables — Harvesting
  • Herbs — Harvesting


To get these resources, you have to find a refining station on the map and refine raw materials. These refined resources can be sold in the market at a better price because they are pretty expensive. The price of these resources is determined according to their demand and the prices of their raw materials.

  • Ingots — Smelting
  • Fiber — Weaving
  • Blocks — Stonecutting
  • Gemstones — Stonecutting
  • Planks — Woodworking
  • Leather — Tanning
  • Cloth — Weaving
  • Essence — Arcana


These are a bunch of free materials that you can collect without any skill. They will be available for you right from the start of the game. MMOpixel also lets you sell New World coins to other players to make some money while doing your favorite thing.

  • Briar
  • Bulrush
  • Bush
  • Flint
  • Fungus
  • Nuts
  • Saltpeter