New Romantic Web Series 2022: Blockbuster Romantic Season Is Here!

It’s another year, and a new beginning for the entertainment industry in India with New Romantic Web Series 2022. Having borne the impact of the pandemic throughout recent years, the industry has finally started to revive itself in ways multiple.

Perhaps the most visible impact has been the gigantic number of web series that are being delivered north of several OTT platforms. From the solace of our homes, we can now access probably the most amazing substance that has been made in the country.

We are something like two or three months into the year, and it has already seen some great work being placed out there in the type of web series and shows. Take a gander at probably the best Indian web series of 2022 up to this point, that will have you stuck to the screen.

new romantic web series 2022


As the name proposes, this romantic web series will remind you of your most memorable crush. The story rotates around two young people who become hopelessly enamoured with one another at a coaching place. It shows how sweet and innocent these teen romantic tales are, and reminds us of our school days!

The pleasantness of this web series makes it one of the most-watched and most romantic web series that anyone could hope to find.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

As one can figure from the name of this web series, this story spins around two best friends who ultimately experience passionate feelings for one another. They have one or two glaring doubts to continue with their romantic relationship since they dread that it would ruin their friendship.

Entertainer Nakkul Mehta is the lead entertainer in this romantic web series and has a tremendous fan following. The storyline might be a bit buzzword but the series is made beautifully, which makes it one of the most mind-blowing romantic web series in 2022.

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new romantic web series 2022


Baarish is a brilliant decision for web series on the off chance that you are looking for something incredibly romantic and sweet. The story shows how two individuals who are totally unique in relation to one another, can’t resist the urge to go gaga for each other.

The story is extremely interesting since the two leads are displayed to have totally various ways of life. One can watch this romantic web series on Alt Balaji.

Broken but Beautiful

This story spins around two individuals who are heartbroken and find one another. They console one another and continuously succumb to one another.

The lead entertainers are Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi, the two of which are incredible entertainers. This web series is very famous among individuals, and its distinction is merited since it is an all-around made romantic web series. It is a blockbuster and is accessible on Alt Balaji for watchers to watch.

new romantic web series 2022

New Romantic Web Series 2022: Permanent Roommates

This web series is a romantic satire, which shows incredible science between the characters. The storyline is brilliant, and the entertainers work really hard also. The lead entertainers in this romantic web series are Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas. It can be seen on Zee 5 and has two seasons presently.

Romeo and Jugal

This web series shows the romantic tale between a playboy and his bashful neighbour. The storyline is a run-of-the-mill Bollywood buzzword, but the series is very much made.

The story shows how the two convince their folks and how they convince their friends and companions to acknowledge them how they are. It is a sweet story and is accessible on Alt Balaji.

It Happened in Hong Kong

This story is somewhat not the same as the others on this rundown. It is an interesting story that shows how two obscure individuals go gaga for one another in Hong Kong. The more deeply study each other for the remainder of their excursion.

new romantic web series 2022

New Romantic Web Series 2022: She

She is director Imtiaz Ali’s first attempt at making something on a small screen. The plot of this new Indian romantic web series frames a transformational excursion of a female police constable who joins an organization among chauvinistic male authorities.

How she glides through this ordeal and discovers another side to herself will keep you snared.

Made In Heaven

An account of Tara and Karan, two wedding planners and the ordeals they face in their daily life while managing their business. This new Indian web series is an ideal watch if you are looking for a cutting-edge romantic web series with a twist of Bollywood.


A live-action series delivered by Amazon which stars R Madhavan and Amit Sadh. This is an account of a loving single dad who gives his very best to save his main child who experiences extreme lung disease.

new romantic web series 2022


Amazon PrimeVideo’s latest Indian web series called Pushpavalli is the tale of a fixated stalker with a kid like a crazy ex. The plot takes a twist when we find out that she, in fact, has never at any point dated a person.

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Little Things

Love doesn’t have to be about grand signals always! This is exactly what this Indian romantic web series from Dice Media is all about. Watching Dhruv and Kavya’s romantic tale is like watching each urban couple of all time.

Their bitter-sweet quarrels and their romance is very adorable! It is a romantic Hindi web series that brings into light the small yet significant things in a relationship.

New Romantic Web Series 2022: The Girl In The City

Meera, an ambitious small-town girl who aspires to turn into a fashion designer, has limited time to demonstrate to his soldier father that she can find success in the field of Design. Watch her daily battles and the competition she had to face in the city of dreams Mumbai.

The Trip

Four friends and one crazy, mad and very fun road trip to Thailand, this is what this series is all about. The Trip by Bindass will keep you stuck to your screen as you watch these girls embark on an excursion that is filled with adventure, tomfoolery, emotions and some misadventure as well!

new romantic web series 2022

Humorously Yours

TVF is back with another one of its creations and this time, it’s all about following the life of Vipul Goyal, a standup comedian. Behind all the humour that we see, there is a story which not every person sees. So dive right into this one.

A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend

Sam is a 26-year-old app engineer, who is pretty much a genius, yet in addition a maverick. And then one day he creates A.I.SHA, a software armed with artificial intelligence.

Right when he thinks everything will finally be influenced quite a bit, he realized that A.I.SHA is beginning to foster its very own mind. Watch this amazing Indian thriller romantic web series by Arre which has love, drama, tension and everything that makes for a decent blockbuster!

New Romantic Web Series 2022: It’s Not That Simple

What might you pick? An unhappy marriage or an ideal affair? It’s Not That Simple, is it? This romantic web series by Voot shows what can transpire when a marriage turns into a weight. It is certain to keep you engaged and guessing a large number of episodes.

new romantic web series 2022

 Shaadi Boys

On the big fat Indian weddings thrives the big fat Indian wedding industry and three people decide to dive into the madness of the Shade planning business. This best Indian web series by Voot portrays this crazy ride in the most potential awesome way. So feel free to give this one a watch, you will love it… at all!

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Which Web Series Is Trending Now?

Rocket Boys on SonyLiv deposes Family Man from the top position and turns into the undisputed best web series of all time. Aranyak on Netflix debuts on No. 13. Cubicles (after S2) on SonyLIV enter the Top 25.

Which Is the No 1 Web Series?

Band of Brother: Created by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, the show takes place during the time of WorldWar II and follows the life of a gathering of American soldiers. this miniseries had a short run of ten episodes in 2001 however is still holding the top position in the list.

new romantic web series 2022

Is Indian Web Series Famous on the Planet?

As India is accustomed to having a liking towards multiple international shows, colossal change is coming as India’s original shows are also garnering a ton of praise worldwide. Here is a list of all the Indian web series which have been regarded internationally.

Is Money Heist a Genuine Story?

The reason for Money Heist involves the Professor and his ragtag group of particular looters who complete the perilously ambitious 11-day heist is absolutely fictitious, dispossessed by the innovative ingenuity of the showrunner Alex Pina. Notwithstanding, the show gets certain components from reality.

For What Reason Is Money Heist So Well Known?

It was previously broadcasted in Spain for two seasons prior to being procured by Netflix, where it remains right up to the present day. Crowds love the characters with delicate undersides and regular slip-ups. The show has a one-of-a-kind Spanish identity, which is another justification for why Money Heist is so well known.

new romantic web series 2022

Which Nation Has Free Netflix?

Netflix Free Subscription: One of the greatest and most famous streaming stages on the planet, Netflix, has declared to offer free membership of its versatile arrangement in Kenya. With this, clients in the market will gain admittance to about a fourth of TV shows and films streaming on the stage.


We are in general bound to stay at home these days and going to multiplexes is a far gotten dream. During these times, it is imperative that we as a whole find some great yet hesitant and short-happy to watch consistently. Television programs are passé and Indian web series are another rage!

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