New Pokemon Snap – Click Pictures and Show Them to World

In 1995 Satoshi Tajiri created a franchise called “Pokemon” also known as “Pocket Monster” in japan. In this anime humans as Pokemon Trainers, catch the pokemon and train them to battle others in the pokemon matches. The ultimate goal of each Trainer is to become the Pokemon Master.

It was first released on 1st April 1997 in Japan, on 8th September 1998 in the United States, on July 14, 1999, in South Korea and, in the year 2002 for worldwide viewers.

Slowly it became an integral part of every kid who was born in the 19th century. From playing video games to collecting playing cards we have done it all. The original pack of Pokemon cards worth millions of dollars.

You must be thinking why are we talking about the history Pokemon, I will say just to get a feeling of nostalgia. The main topic of this article is the “New Pokemon Snap” a first-person simulation video game that is going to available for only Nintendo Switch.

New Pokemon Snap is inspired by the Pokemon Snap which was first released in 1999 for Nintendo 64. Now let’s talk about the gameplay and the features of this game.

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This game is not like most of the other available Pokemon games, it doesn’t include fighting but if you like clicking pictures and editing them you will love this game a lot.

The gameplay of New Pokemon Snap

Welcome to the world of New Pokemon Snap, – The Lental region is waiting for you.

Your main objective in this game is to do research on Pokemons and their natural habitats.  And you are not alone in this research, Professor Mirror who is doing research in the Lental region, and his assistant Rita and Filt are there to support you.

What is your work?

You have to play the role of a Pokemon Photographer, who is helping Professor Mirror in his research on the behavior of the pokemons. You have to watch the wild pokemon and have to discover their behaviors and expression which are rare to be seen.

rating your clicks

Make good use of your Photodex to take pictures that really stands out, then you have to show your clicks to the Professor. He will give stars to your clicks on the basis of different parameters like pose, size, direction, placement, background, other pokemon in the frame, and how much rare the moment is.

Capture a variety of different behaviors and expressions on camera to fill up your pokemon Photodex. You can also edit your photos in order to make them more attractive and special.

Features in New Pokemon Snap

Online Mode

You can share your best photos and check out photos around the world. If your photo becomes popular it might get featured and get more attention across the world.



To travel across the Lental region you will get a vehicle Neo-One. You can ride the Neo-One for the jungle, across the desert, and even under the water.

Editing Your Photos

You will get plenty of frames and stickers to edit your pictures in order to make them more appealing.

The Lllumina Orbs

An invention of Professor Mirror, if you will use the lllumina orbs on pokemons it will make them glow which makes them more attractive. You can use these orbs to click more attractive pictures of these pokemon.

Release Date

According to the initially announced release date the developers (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, and BANDAI NAMCO Studios) “New Pokemon Snap” will be available for the players on 30th April 2021.

My opinion

To this date, I haven’t played any game like this, so I am excited about this game. And as a hardcore fan of the Pokemon franchise, I will never miss a chance to play a game related to pokemon.  And talking about this game, it is a simulation video game which is for sure going to give us a real-life experience, so I am definitely going to play this game and I think you guys will also love this game.

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Your opinion

Go and have a look at the trailer and tell us what you think about the game, tell us how much you liked this article.

We are waiting for your reply.


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