New Coming to Netflix in April 2022 : What to Watch?

Thank you for visiting this page, which provides a complete overview of what is slated to debut on Netflix in the United States during the month of April 2022. We’ve compiled a list of all the new movies and television shows that will be available on the service in the coming months.

In the meantime, keep a watch out for the removals that have been set for April 20, 2022. The elimination of a collection of Pokemon games as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation is among the major moves that have been announced thus far.

If you’re looking forward, we’ve compiled a list of all of the Netflix Originals that will be released in May 2022. The Gentlemen, War of the Worlds, Rambo: Last Blood, and Rambo are among the licenced titles scheduled to premiere on Netflix in May 2022 in the United States.

new on netflix april 2022


Netflix Will Launch in April 2022

  • TBD
  • The Taming of the Shrew is a NETFLIX original movie.

1st of April

  • The film Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood is available on Netflix.
  • This is the film The Bubble that is available on Netflix.
  • Captain Nova is a member of the NETFLIX FAMILY.
  • Celebrity Five: Behind the Scenes — NETFLIX COMEDY SERIES
  • NETFLIX FILM: Forever Out of My League (Forever Out of My League)
  • Prepare for the New Year with The Home Edit: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series).
  • “The Last Bus” (Netflix Family) is a drama series.
  • NETFLIX SERIES will premiere on the streaming service tomorrow.
  • A Cinderella Story, to be precise.
  • Abby Hatcher: The Second Season
  • Sundays can be any day of the week.
  • Argo
  • Blade
  • Blade II is a sequel to Blade I.
  • Trinity is the name of the blade.
  • The Opposite of the Coin
  • Blow
  • Bonnie and Clyde were two outlaws who broke the law (1967)
  • Catch and Release (Catch and Release) is a method of catching and releasing fish.
  • Season 5 of CoComelon is now available.
  • Delta Farce is a farce that takes place in the Delta Farce universe.
  • Seeing through the Eagle’s Eye
  • There are four brothers in total.
  • Jacket made entirely of metal
  • Grown-ups are those who have achieved adulthood.
  • Season 14 of Heartland is currently airing.
  • Her
  • The Adventures of How to Train Your Dragon
  • Inception
  • Actually, it’s about love.
  • Molly’s Game is a game where Molly plays a character named Molly.
  • Monster-in-Law
  • Minutes in New York
  • The Nut Job is a slang term for
  • The Adventures of Polly Pocket, Season 4, Episode 1: Summer of Fun
  • Puss in Boots is a character in the film Puss in Boots.
  • The Arrangements for the Rental
  • The Ring is a ring that has a ring on it.
  • It’s been rumoured…
  • Keeping Private Ryan alive
  • Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by author Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  • Shrek and the gang live happily ever after
  • It’s inevitable that something will give.
  • We the Animals are a group of people who enjoy being outside.

new on netflix april 2022

On the 4th of April

Season 5 of Better Call Saul is currently streaming on Netflix.

On the 5th of April

  • Speakeasy is a NETFLIX COMEDY series starring Ronny Chieng.
  • 6th of April
  • Furioza is a film available on NETFLIX.
  • GMC (Green Mothers’ Club) is a Netflix original series.
  • Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story is a documentary that is available on Netflix.
  • Michela Giraud: I swear to you, this is the truth! — NETFLIX COMEDY SERIES
  • A NETFLIX SERIES entitled “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” (new episodes weekly)

On the 7th of April

  • Season 5 of Queen of the South is now available.
  • Return to Space is a documentary that is available on Netflix.
  • Senzo: The Murder of a Soccer Star is a documentary that is available on Netflix.

On the 8th of April

  • Season 1 of Barbie It Takes Two is now available.
  • Dancing on Glass is a NETFLIX original film.
  • Elite: Season 5 is a NETFLIX original series.
  • Season 2 of Green Eggs & Ham is now available on Netflix Family.
  • Metal Lords is a film available on Netflix.
  • The animation series Tiger & Bunny 2 is available on Netflix.
  • Yaksha: Ruthless Operations — NETFLIX FILM Yaksha: Ruthless Operations
  • While on assignment in a dangerous city to check a Black Ops squad and its infamous leader, an upstanding prosecutor finds himself caught up in a violent espionage conflict.

On the 9th of April

  • We Have the Blues (Netflix Series)

On the 10th of April

  • The Call to Action
  • Nightcrawler

On the 12th of April

  • Hard Cell — NETFLIX SERIES — Hard Cell
  • The Creature Cases is a NETFLIX FAMILY production.

On the 13th of April

  • The series on Netflix is called Almost Happy: Season 2 (also known as “Almost Happy”).
  • A documentary highlighting our nation’s great national parks, available on Netflix.
  • Smother-in-Law is a NETFLIX television series.
  • In this day and age, we can change the world by watching movies on Netflix.
  • A NETFLIX SERIES entitled “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” (new episodes weekly)

On the 14th of April

Ultraman: Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)

On the 15th of April

  • The Anatomy of a Scandal is a Netflix Original Series.
  • Make a choice or perish – NETFLIX film
  • Heirs to the Land is a NETFLIX television series.
  • One Piece Z (One Piece Film Z)
  • Season 1 of Strawberry Shortcake Berry in the Big City is available now.

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On the 16th of April

  • Seasons 1-4 of LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission are available on DVD.
  • Man of God is a film available on Netflix.
  • The Origins of Evil with the Ouija Board
  • Season 5 of Van Helsing is currently airing.

On the 19th of April

  • Season 2 of Pacific Rim: The Black is now available on Netflix.
  • White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch is a documentary that is available on Netflix.

On the 20th of April

  • The Marked Heart is a NETFLIX original series.
  • Series: Russian Doll, Season 2 (Netflix Original Series)
  • It was the tipping point, and it was NETFLIX FILM.
  • THE NETFLIX SERIES – Yakamoz S-245.

new on netflix april 2022

On the 21st of April

  • Gila: A Life in Pieces (NETFLIX COMEDY)
  • He’s Looking Forward to — NETFLIX SERIES

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On the 22nd of April

  • I’m Going Along for the Ride (NETFLIX FILM)
  • A series on NETFLIX called “Heartstopper”
  • A NETFLIX series, Selling Sunset: Season 5, is currently streaming on Netflix.
  • A NETFLIX SERIES called The Seven Lives of Lea is currently airing.

On the 25th of April

Large Spectacles

On the 26th of April

Comedy Central’s David Spade: “It’s Nothing Personal”

On the 27th of April

  • The Siege of Silverton — NETFLIX FILM

On the 28th of April

  • The Usagi Chronicles — Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles — NETFLIX FAMILY

On the 29th of April

  • Episodes from Season 7 of Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original series, are available now.
  • THE NETFLIX FILM “Honeymoon with My Mother”
  • Part 2 of Ozark: Season 4 on Netflix is available now.
  • Rumspringa is a film available on Netflix.

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