New Girl Season 8 : Renewed or Canceled?

New Girl finally wrapped up its final season and bid goodbye to the fans.

Last Updated: January 28, 2022

One of the most prominent dramas of Fox, New Girl, is a comedy-drama of American origin. The series focuses on a lovely woman Jessica Day and her funny roommates. Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, the series first hit the screen on September 20, 2011. It caught the attention of several viewers. Consequently, the series ran for 6 more seasons. The series finally concluded with season 7 on May 15, 2018. Fox has produced 146 episodes so far.

New Girl has drawn recognition from critics. It was one of the funniest series of 2011. The show has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards and grabs some of them. Fans are craving for season 8 of the series.

Will New Girl Return for Season 8?

new girl season 8

The seventh season of the series concluded on May 15, 2018. Ever since then, fans are craving to watch season 8. But here is disheartening news. Fox canceled season 8 of the series. However, fans are still hoping to watch season 8.

Now you may want to know why the series got canceled? Less viewership is the main reason for the cancelation of any series. The same goes with this sitcom. Though the series did not receive a very high rating from start, it received a pretty well rating. However, ratings declined with season 6. Fox was not planning even to go with season 7. However, the crew of the series persuaded the channel to give the series a proper ending.

So, Fox launched season 7 to conclude the series. Season 7 was launched after 3 years of season 6 that only consists of 8 episodes. It was much lesser than the no. of episodes in the earlier season.

So, there is the least possibility of the arrival of the new season.

The Cast of New Girl Season 8. Who Will We Meet?

new girl season 8

  • Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day– She is the female protagonist of the series. She is a unique 30 years old teacher.
  • Jake Johnson as Nick Miller- He is Jess's roommate and male protagonist of the series.

Other casts of the series include-

  • Max Greenfield as Schmidt
  • Lamorne Morris as Winston Bishop
  • Hannah Simone as Cece
  • Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach
  • Danielle and Rhiannon Rockoff as Ruth

The Plot of New Girl. What to Expect From Girl Season 8?

The lighthearted series revolved around a woman in her thirties, Jess. She was a teacher of a high school student. She was in a relationship with a man who cheated on her. She broke when she came to know about his affair. She moved out of his apartment and move to an apartment with 3 unknown male roommates. The three boys included Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. Nick was an intelligent man and wanted to become a lawyer. However, due to poor financial conditions, he dropped out from there. Schmidt was an offbeat businessman. And Winston was a former sportsman but clueless about what to do now. Their life changed after the arrival of this new bubbly girl, Jess.

Slowly, their relationships evolved, and soon they became buddies. As the story progress, Nic and Jess became more than friends. They develop a relationship sort of friends with benefits. Later, they fall in love with each other and got married.

Moreover, the showrunners have wrapped the series well. There is nothing left to show in season 8. It is quite clear that the series will not move further.

Drama Name New Girl Season 8
Category Sitcom
Release Date Canceled
Creator Elizabeth Meriwether
No. of Seasons 7

Is There Any Trailer Available for New Girl Season 8?

Season 8 of the series is canceled. Therefore, we might never see season 8 of the series. Check the exciting farewell video here.

What Is the IMDb Rating of New Girl Season 8?

The series is outstanding and gets the attention of numerous viewers. It scored a rating of 7.7 out of 10.

Where to Watch the New Girl Series?

It is a Fox series. You can reach Fox through Amazon Video prime subscription. It is also streaming on Netflix and Hotstar premium to watch.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of series like Friends and How I met your mother, then it is great series for you to watch. The characters are quite funny. It is a surprisingly more interesting series where a hilarious woman is living with 3 male roommates. It will give you a stomach ache of laughing. The plot is intriguing but unrealistic. Your eyes will be glued to the screen while watching it. Overall it is a lighthearted series to enjoy.

If you have not watched it yet, do watch it. What do you think about the new girl? Do tell me in the comment box.

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