New Canada Food Guide: What Is New

Healthy eating habits are essential for our healthy minds. It involves a lot more than just the foods we consume. We should look forward to cooking more frequently. Enjoy our every meal and consume very few highly processed foods. We eat these foods less often and in smaller amounts if we choose them. We should always focus on the quality of our food rather than the quantity. In accordance with this, On January 22, 2019, Health Canada released a revised version of the New Canada Food Guide.

The new food guide is based on a review of the evidence conducted by Health Canada, scientific reports and studies from world-leading organizations, and moreover from data gathered through public consultation. The revised new Canada food guide handbook has elicited several favorable and bad reactions. Let’s jump onto it. 

How Will Canada’s New Food Guide Help You

The Canada Food Guide assists you in selecting foods that:

  • Improve health and meet necessary nutrient requirements.
  • Reduce the risk of chronic (long-term) nutrition-related diseases and in the same vein improve body conditions.
  • The science of nutrition and health is used by Canada’s food guide to assist you in making healthy food choices.

New Canada Food Guide

Canada’s Food Guide at a Glance

The new Food Guide is an online collection of information that better fulfills the needs of various users, such as the general public, policymakers, and health experts.

Highlights include critical advice for Canadians on healthy food choices and following healthy eating habits. It encourages people to cook more often at home and be mindful of eating habits. The new Canada food guide provides updated sodium, saturated fat, and sugar intake recommendations. It also includes advice on sugary drinks such as soft drinks, sweetened milk, and juices. Moreover, the central highlight of this guide is that it provides mobile-responsive web content to support Canadians to eat healthy wherever and whenever they want.

Why Is Healthy Eating Information Important?

Disease Risk Factor:- In Canada, an unhealthy diet is a significant risk factor for disease burden.

Complex nutritional information:-  Various nutritional information might be challenging to utilize and comprehend in daily diet. That’s why this new Canada guide helps every citizen to follow a healthy diet routine. 

Confusing:- There are conflicting indications about healthy eating everywhere. This guide resolves them all. 

Reliable:- Canadians require credible information about healthy eating. This is their go-to guide for any nutritional fact information. 

New Canada Food Guide

Why the Food Guide is Important to Canadians

The new guide encourages Canadians to:

  1. Make eating a variety of healthy foods a daily habit.
  2. Consume a variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and protein-rich foods.
  3. Choose plant-based protein foods more frequently, and make water your preferred beverage.
  4. Make use of food labels.
  5. Reduce your intake of high in sugar, sodium, or saturated fat.
  6. Be aware that food marketing can sway your decisions and be aware of your eating habits.
  7. Water should be preferred over pop, juice, or flavored juice.
  8. Prefer meals high in unsaturated fat over foods high in saturated fat.

One that piqued my interest was the statement that this handbook informs us what we already know. In other words, this is something we all know! And that’s something I’d also agree with. To sum up, many of us already eat this way. Various food service providers such as hospitals, daycares, and childcare centers will follow the new Canada food guide. In addition, that’s why it’s critical for many reasons. And we can ensure that proper care of protein and nutrition intake is taken care of.

Meanwhile legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, fortified soy beverage are some healthy natural protein alternatives. Fish, shellfish, eggs, chicken, lean red meat, lower-fat milk, lower-fat yogurts, and low-sodium cheeses are examples of some additional protein-rich foods.

New Canada Food Guide

What’s Yet To Come

Various other healthy eating patterns in Canada are yet to come for health professionals and policymakers. This will be issued later in 2019. It will be based on Canada’s Dietary Guidelines and will feature a healthy eating pattern with more detailed recommendations for food amounts and types. Moreover, the best part is that it will be enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Also taking care of its revision process, Health Canada and Indigenous Services Canada are collaborating with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis to develop distinction-based healthy eating tools.