Netflix’s Class Vs. Elite: So What’s the Difference Between These Two Series?

In February 2023, Netflix will release a new criminal drama in Hindi that takes place in an elite Delhi school. The final episode is scheduled to air on February 3, 2023.

The series is a young adult crime drama/thriller that examines class differences, relationships, violence, and criminality. We did a short search to determine if the Netflix Hindi series Class is a remake of the long-running Spanish series Elite.

What is the Focus of the Hindi Series Class?

Class tells the story of three children from less privileged backgrounds who attend one of the most prestigious schools in Delhi. Once they arrive, they learn that there are enormous barriers between themselves and the affluent kids, which exacerbates the challenges they already face.

Furthermore, after a murder is discovered, it becomes apparent that there is more going on at the school than simply studying for examinations. There is a great deal going on between the students at this prestigious school, involving class distinction, relationships, and ways of living.

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Is Netflix’s Hindi Series Class a Remake of Elite?

Certainly, it is the case. After its 2018 debut on Netflix, the Spanish series Elite became a highly successful show. In the first season of Elite, three students find themselves at an elite school after the destruction of their previous institution.

There, they discover a vast cultural divide between themselves and the wealthier students, and as the story progresses, it delves into their relationships, lifestyles, and eventually murder.

The show quickly realized that by introducing new characters, they could keep things interesting and that the flash-forward storytelling style would become standard. At the time of writing, the show shows no signs of slowing down, and a seventh season has been approved, with the promise of returning characters from previous seasons.

Netflix's Class Vs. Elite: So What's the Difference Between These Two Series?

Is There a Connection Between Netflix’s Class and Elite?

Class is a Hindi adaptation of Elite, hence we expect that the first season will be identical to the first season of Elite. The class will have the same idea, characters, and tone as Elite, with an abundance of youthful energy, action, and, as far as we can tell, a great deal of heat.

The cast features Gurfateh Pirzada, who was most recently seen in Netflix’s Guilty, and Piyush Khati, who you will recognize from Chris Hemsworth’s upcoming film Extraction.

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Class vs Elite Characters

Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (In Class) and Samuel (in Elite)

Class, like Elite, follows three economically disadvantaged minority and Dalit pupils. Piyush Khati plays Hamptons’ Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki. His father, an alcoholic, owes a lot to a local debt collector, and his older brother was imprisoned. Dheeraj loves Suhani, who dies in the web serial.

Netflix's Class Vs. Elite: So What's the Difference Between These Two Series?

Elite’s Dheerj is Samuel. Escamilla plays Samuel. Nadia, Christian, and Samuel are Las Encinas, scholarship recipients. Before the drama, he meets buddies.

Neeraj Kumar Valmiki (In Class) and Nano García (in Elite)

Gurfateh Pirzada plays Dheeraj’s older brother Neeraj Kumar Valmiki in the web series. However, Neeraj’s affair with Suhani behind Dheeraj’s back complicates the tale and makes it interesting. After Class, Neeraj is arrested for murdering Suhani Ahuja. This isn’t a spoiler, therefore Class newcomers must watch.

Jaime Lorente plays Elite’s Neeraj, Nano García. Nano is on the run in Morocco with his mother after being framed for Marina’s murder and released from prison, leaving his brother Samu in Madrid (After Season 1).

Suhani Ahuja (In Class) and Marina Nunier (in Elite)

Anjali Sivaraman plays powerful Suhani Ahuja. The murder of Suhani Ahuja and the police questioning students began class. In Hamptons International School, Suhani Ahuja welcomes the three impoverished kids.

In the series, Suhani loves Dheeraj and his older brother Neeraj. She fell pregnant while dating Dheeraj. Suhani Ahuja’s lover killed her.

Netflix's Class Vs. Elite: So What's the Difference Between These Two Series?

Marina Nunier is Elite’s Suhani. Pedraza plays Marina Nunier. Elite on Netflix stars María Pedraza as Marina. Marina is unlike her shady, affluent relatives. She instantly welcomes Samuel to Las Encinas before being caught up in a series of turmoil. María appeared in Money Heist with Miguel Herrán (Christian)

Balli Sehrawat (In Class) and Christian Varela (in Elite)

Cwaayal Singh plays Balli Sehrawat, who keeps viewers engaged throughout the online series. Sharan and Koel Kalra openly date Balli. Sharan kills Suhani for a stolen and encrypted mobile phone because Koel’s dependence on Balli drives him mad.

Netflix's Class Vs. Elite: So What's the Difference Between These Two Series?

Miguel Herrán plays Elite’s Christian Balli. Miguel Herrán plays Christian in Elite on Netflix. After receiving a scholarship with Samuel and Nadia, Christian, a class clown, strives to be popular at Las Encinas. He appeared in the sci-fi comedy Sometime After and the Spanish criminal series Money Heist with Jaime Lorente (Nano).

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Sharan Gujral (Class) and Polo Benavent (in Elite)

Moses Koul plays Sharan Gujral in Class. Koel Kalra dates Sharan, a rich family member. He agrees with Koel to include Balli in their physical relationship.

When Koel saw Sharan enjoying “self-pleasure” by watching Balli shower, things went bad. Sharan assists Koel and kills Suhani with her Foundations Day award.

Álvaro Rico plays Polo Benavent, Sharan’s ane in Elite. Netflix’s Elite’s Polo is Álvaro Rico. Polo and Guzmán are pals. Velvet Collection stars Álvaro.