Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3: Everything You Need To Know!

Last Updated on January 27, 2022.

The Christmas Chronicles was so well received by reviewers and public streamers in 2018 that a sequel was made for the 2020 holiday season. Netflix could easily move forward with The Christmas Chronicles 3 given the success of the first two films. A third instalment is likely to be created, as Netflix appears to be particularly fond of Christmas flicks.

In The Christmas Chronicles 2, Darby Camp reprises her role as Kate Pierce. She gets deceived by one of Santa’s old elves, Belsnickel (Julian Dennison), and taken to the North Pole through a wormhole while on a family vacation in Mexico. Kate learns everything about Santa’s Village, a wonderful village with one million elves and 300,000 merchants, while she is there.

Belsnickel changed into a human after breaching all five laws of the Elves’ Code, and because Kate is a person of faith, the rogue elf wants to spoil her Christmas joy by destroying the Christmas Star that guards Santa’s Village (Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn).

Netflix Christmas Chronicles 3
Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3

Time travel is included in The Christmas Chronicles 2, which connects to the previous film while also portraying Belsnickel as a cunning villain. The former elf, it turns out, only wants to be loved and protected, a narrative that might be continued in The Christmas Chronicles 3.

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Christmas Chronicles 2 Ending Explanation

Despite destroying the Christmas Star, which hides and powers the North Pole, the naughty elf turned human Belsnickel (Julian Dennison) fails to take over Christmas for himself. Belsnickel turns out to be more remorseful than we imagined as Santa (Kurt Russell) and Kate (Darby Camp) strive to restore the star and order to the workshop.

Despite instigating the trouble that rendered him human in the first place, he misses being an elf. However, Santa and Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn) still believe in giving their former elf a second chance.

Santa presents Belsnickel the first item they ever made: a tiny butterfly, as a sign of their faith. Belsnickel finds the faith to trust in his inner elf, and turns back into a festive helper, thanks to the Claus family’s encouragement, as well as Kate and her future stepbrother Jack (Jahzir Bruno). He’s permitted to be reunited with the Claus family after taking to heart the message that “Christmas isn’t about where you are, but who you’re with.”

Netflix Christmas Chronicles 3
Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3

Kate and Jack are more linked than ever when they return to their possible future family, since her mother (Kimberly Willimas-Paisley) and his father (Tyrese Gibson) are presently dating. While Kate and Jack were originally concerned that their parents’ relationship would imply, they’d forgotten about the wives they’d both lost in the past, they soon discovered that the prospective future isn’t that bleak.

The Claus family and their elves, including Belsnickel, begin singing “O Christmas Tree” in the town square while Kate and Jack’s family sings it on a beautiful beach in Mexico.

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Will There be a Christmas Chronicles 3?

The Christmas Chronicles 2 has a Tomatometer score of 66 percent in Rottentomatoes, which is always a good indication for a Netflix holiday flick. Before deciding on a third episode in the franchise, the streaming service will most likely track watching figures for several months to properly understand which parts of the film work best (or don’t). Netflix is expected to unveil The Christmas Chronicles 3 in 2021.

Christmas Chronicles 3 Casting

Obviously, Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus because there wouldn’t be the Christmas Chronicles without them, so they’ll both be returning in a possible third film.

Julian Dennison may reprise his role as Belsnickel after breaking the human curse at the end of the movie and being transformed back into an elf, having seen the folly of his ways in destroying Christmas.

Netflix Christmas Chronicles 3
Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3

In the sequel, Darby Camp and Judah Lewis resumed their roles as Kate and Teddy Pierce, although it appears that their narrative has come to a close when Kate reunited with her mother’s new lover (played by Tyrese Gibson). If a third film is made, we believe it would include some fresh youngsters in a holiday trip, but this is just speculation for now. Till then scroll down for Christmas Chronicles 3 plot.

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Christmas Chronicles 3 Plot – What Can We Expect?

The Christmas Chronicles 2 comes to a satisfying conclusion. Kate encounters a younger version of her father in 1990 Boston during a time travel sequence and discovers that Santa given her the opportunity to say goodbye.

Belsnickel changes his mind towards the end of the story after Santa and Mrs. Claus show their love and support for him. Dennison’s character reverts to being an elf and reunites with his friends. Meanwhile, Kate and Jack travel to Mexico and join their family at the beach for a touching rendition of “O Christmas Tree.”


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Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3

In The Christmas Chronicles 3, a new enemy is almost certain to arrive. In that case, Kate will have an excuse to see her North Pole pals again, and she may even bring a few friends with her to Santa’s Village on her next visit. According to Russell (via The New York Times), the Netflix franchise is more of a continuous TV production than a collection of movies: “We’ve basically found our way back to creating television in a cyclical manner. When you go to the cinema, you’re actually watching television since it’s a serial.”

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Is There Any Trailer or Teaser for Christmas Chronicles 3?

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed yet, so we won’t see anything from the third film for a long. The sequel’s trailer was only released a month before the film’s premiere on Netflix.

You can check it out here:

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Christmas Chronicles 3 Release Date

The Christmas Chronicles 3 might be released in November 2022 if Netflix maintains its current production pace. It’s worth remembering that the streaming service didn’t formally announce the sequel until two months before its November 2020 launch date, so it’s feasible that The Christmas Chronicles 3 may go forward without any more announcements.

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