Netflix or Disney+: comparison of video streaming platforms

Netflix vs. Disney+? This streaming service comparison pits platforms that are superficially similar but have vastly distinct movie and television series collections against one another.

Were you debating whether or not to subscribe to Netflix or Disney+ for your next streaming service? Do you want to know if adding a Disney+ subscription to your Netflix account is worth it? A new competitor has entered the market as of March 24, and it plans to build a name for itself by partnering with some of the industry’s most well-known animation projects.

Netflix has steadily become a part of our daily lives since the launch of its SVoD platform in 2007. It has pioneered a new way of watching movies and shows by amassing a large amount of content in exchange for a monthly subscription, which allows us to save a substantial amount of money. Today, the competition is more serious, but the Californian behemoth will have to contend largely with the launch of Disney+. Disney+ vs. Netflix is the subject of my comparison.

Movies and series catalog

To begin this comparison, following our Disney+ test and review, we will look at an essential point: the content. Netflix and Disney+ are not playing on the same board. Their approach and strategy are different. And for the time being, both of them have strong arguments. Should you choose Netflix or Disney+?

Netflix: original productions in vogue

Netflix is undoubtedly the wealthiest video streaming platform that exists today. It has thousands of episodes of series and movies, thanks to which its customers decide to subscribe to access a service that replaces the TV channels’ program. The content is rich but also very diversified.

On the market, successful creative productions are the most crucial factor. Netflix spends billions on this, and specific programs have succeeded in establishing themselves and allowing the platform to grow in popularity. Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The Crown, Sex Education, Squid game, and more famous shows fall within this category.

If you follow our weekly articles, you’ll know that Netflix also releases new seasons and new series and movies every week. A great point to never feel like you’ve been around the service, which does Netflix a video-on-demand service that’s entirely up to the task of providing you with the entertainment you want to spend your evenings.

Disney+: a new exclusive reference

What can you watch on Disney+? First of all, you should know that the platform spent more than 15 billion dollars at the beginning to set up its video-on-demand service. Despite being several years behind Netflix, Disney+ arrives with an exceptional catalog, making it a new reference. Its strong point? Licenses that allow it to offer a panel of successful films exclusively.

Yes, the greatest classics and sagas with the largest fan communities are on Disney+. We can note all the productions of Walt Disney and Pixar and all the licenses acquired over time by the company. All your favorite Marvel superheroes, the complete Star Wars (very difficult to find elsewhere), but also the 30 seasons of The Simpsons or National Geographic and series like The Mandalorian are available on Disney+. To learn more about this list, we invite you to read our article on the catalog of films and series of Disney+.

Movies and series: Disney Plus or Netflix?

In comparing Disney+ and Netflix, we could say that Disney+ should be more interesting for families. They will be able to find a range of films that we also rocked during our childhood. With the subscription to a single platform, you will no longer have to rack your brains to find content to show your children during their daily or weekly TV time.

However, the various licenses available on Disney+ will entice older children as well. As previously said, Disney+ will be a reference for being able to view all of the Star Wars movies fast and legally and be entertained by watching seasons of The Simpsons. If you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, Disney+ is a great way to keep up with the studio’s latest releases on your computer or smartphone. These licenses are exclusive to Disney and are not available anywhere else: Disney owns the rights to their broadcasting, particularly on video-on-demand services.

Subscriptions: price and subscription

The catalog is one thing, but maybe you also want to know if subscribing to both video-on-demand services is a reasonable thing or not. In this part of the Netflix vs. Disney+ differences comparison, we offer a real-life look at the prices of both platforms. What is the cost difference between Disney+ and Netflix?

Netflix subscription prices

Over time, Netflix has increased the price of its subscriptions. To continue to produce and license more and more series and movies, the Californian company has needed resources. Its prices are higher than those of Disney.

As a result, Netflix now charges $8.99 per month for its services. It is the “Essential” offer that can be subscribed to at this pricing. Its features are limited and intended for personal use: you can only watch one movie at a time, and video in HD resolution is not available. The price rises to $13.99 for two simultaneous HD screens and $17.99 for four simultaneous Ultra HD screens.

Disney+ subscription prices

Disney+ is less expensive than Netflix, with a similar and easy deal for everyone. For $7.99 per month, it provides up to four simultaneous displays to watch a movie or series. It’s also possible to create seven different account profiles, and shape registration can be done on ten other devices.

Only for $7.99 per month, Disney+ has chosen to compete with the premium proposal of Netflix. A choice that may not last in time but is still available at the moment. Moreover, it is possible to pay even less: by subscribing to the annual offer at $79.99, you save even more instead of paying the 12 monthly installments that would have cost you $95.88 over a year.

Finally, you should know that Disney+ does not limit you in terms of visual and audio quality. The only limit will be your device and your connection. But you will watch 4K content, which is not available to Netflix subscribers on the “Essential” package.

Conclusion: Netflix or Disney+?

While the emergence of Youtube changed the face of video, the digital revolution did not change our routines or our desire to sit in front of movies and TV shows. On the other hand, traditional channels have given way to video-on-demand platforms, which allow us to access more diverse content at our leisure.

Just as when I give people writing help when they want to choose how best to write something, here, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Finally, my Disney+ vs. Netflix comparison will have two conclusions. Some people will question the choice between one or the other platform, while others will want to know if adding Disney+ to their Netflix subscription is worth it. Having looked into the differences between Netflix and Disney Plus, I can answer your questions.

Thus, Netflix is more diversified, certainly more complete, and resolutely turned on series with recent success. It is a platform that should not lace you, as its contents are regularly updated, and its license repurchases for some famous movies are enough to allow you to use Netflix for your TV nights with friends. I recommend subscribing to it, even if the subscription price is higher than before.

On Disney+, you will find content found nowhere else and even less on Netflix. Despite their very similar platform, it’s a bit like they don’t compete with each other, at least not yet. Disney+ is much more family-oriented. It will undoubtedly become a reference platform for kids and will be the only way for fans of the most famous sagas to access their content easily. My advice: take advantage of it now, while the prices of the platform are very advantageous.